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Adding center console sub to non-bose truck

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Hi all. 

New member here. Feels great to come back from the "dark side". After owning and loving my 07 Tahoe LT3 and then having a horrible experience with an 09 Tundra, I finally landed in the drivers seat of my lovely 15 GMC Sierra 1500 All Terrain.

Ive looked through the various options and lurked on the forums for a while and I cant seem to find a solution to my problem that fits my needs. I'm aware of the kicker audio upgrades for the sierra, and custom (or pre-made) enclosures for under the rear seat. Unfortunately since I use my vehicle for work and frequently have expensive audio/visual equipment in the rear of my truck, a rear seat enclosure isn't an option. 


While bose is a love hate brand, I had no issues with the stock bose system in my 07 Tahoe. The stereo in my all terrain is decent, but I would love a little low end grunt. I am aware of the dual voice coil nature of the bose sub, if you would even call it one. 


Has anyone added the center console bose enclosure to a non-bose truck with the center console? Is it possible?



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I don’t believe the factory sub can be added in there are other options. They make a box that goes where the factory sub goes but you need your own amp to power it. I have the factory sub it’s not really that powerful. So I added the kicker Sub which I love great sound and all plug and play neat and factory looking. I cut the under seat storage bin to fit the Kicker sub. I still have a lot of room to store stuff. I went this route as I didn’t want extra amps and wires and I wanted a factory as factory look as I could get. Also it’s a GM add on so no warranty issues.

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