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I'm doing a rather unconventional swap. Putting my SBC 400 and a 93 4l80e into a 96 k2500 rolling chassis. The chassis originally had a 6.5 diesel. The guy that pulled the engine chopped the wiring harness to pieces. 

    OK here it is, the truck had an electronic throttle nine wires. I need to wire in my three wire TPS to the PCM,   IF POSSIBLE! My fear is that I'm screwed and that there is no way to accomplish this without spending seven or eight hundred dollars,  That I don't have!

   I'm also still struggling with some of the wiring from the transmission. I finally found decent understandable wiring diagrams at Mitchell manuals. Even they do not show the second Transmission Speed Sensor, nothing and nobody, that I've found does! At this point I'm five wires short of getting this beast on the road. I've been driving myself crazy on this for nearly five months now, and I want my truck back (for the first time, sort of)

                                  Any help would be much appreciated,  Thank You!

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92-93 they changed the 4l80E connector, do you have the newer or older style connection?

Have you opted to pull a wiring harness from a 93-95 Chevy 1500 at a junk yard?

94-95 has a good ECM for 350 that will run a 400 fairly well. Plus you can get a 4l80E EPROM that will run it. 

You will need the VSSB to run the transmission and speed signal.

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The tranny is a 93, But I'm pretty sure it has the newer style connecter.  I have the ECM from that truck and wiring harness.  I was initially hesitant to use that ECM because the 96 has ABS brakes and I was worried it might not function properly. However I have learned that the brakes have their own computer.

   I'm not sure if the one I have will work as it was for a 6.5 diesel, with manual throttle. All is not lost I know where I can find a variety or computers, if need be.

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On 2/14/2019 at 4:26 AM, Mikebtte said:

92-93 they changed the 4l80E connector, do you have the newer or older style connection?

Have you opted to pull a wiring harness from a 93-95 Chevy 1500 at a junk yard?

94-95 has a good ECM for 350 that will run a 400 fairly well. Plus you can get a 4l80E EPROM that will run it. 

You will need the VSSB to run the transmission and speed signal.

Thanks for the kick-start. I had to think about this for a while to get my brain to wake up and come out of the fog.   The ECM that I already have for the 93 diesel should do just what I need. It is the same one that WAS paired with this transmission.  Because my 400 is a gas engine with an HEI the TPS that I got from Holley should provide all that the ECM needs to make the 4l80e work.

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    • By working on it
      I rarely drive my 135000 mile 2004 Chevy 2500 since I retired, usually just to tow my home-built squareback trailer (2250 lbs) on camping trips. Before retirement, it was a hauler for my drag race car (for 5 years), towed my camper (for 9 years, now), and also my daily-driver (for 5 years, then part-time after I bought an HHR panel as my daily). The bed is full of camping gear and emergency-use supplies (about 800-1000 lbs), year-round, so it sits while other cars and trucks get more usage.
      After sitting for three months this time, I changed the oil, topped up some other fluids, and took a 500 mile trip with my trailer attached. Sometimes, if I started off too hard from a stoplight, the 4l80e felt like it was slipping, but not so much if I feathered it at the start. At first I wondered if it might've been a U-joint getting loose, but a quick test underneath proved it to be OK. Furthermore, when I pulled off into soft mud, it really slipped before it grabbed (two-wheel-drive). Though my 6.0L engine/4.10 rear combo has no trouble pulling the 2250 lb trailer, I started using tow/haul mode on the second half of the trip, whenever I was either braking in traffic in urban areas, or when taking off from a dead stop. No slippage when tow/haul is engaged.
      I had the solenoids upgraded about 50000 miles ago, when stop & go daily driving in rush hour traffic was causing erratic behavior, and I used Lucas Transmission Fix about 25000 miles back, when I felt a slight slamming into second gear (upon part throttle). In each case, the problems went away. I didn't check my transmission fluid before the trip, I confess, but I did check the tranny pan, rear seals, differential for signs of leaks, and found none. On the trip home, I stopped just around the corner and bought a new grease gun & cartridges (for the driveline, which may need some, though I did the front end 10k miles back), and a 24 oz bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix (if the fluid level is low, I'll just top up...if the level is OK, then I'll drain/siphon 24 oz and replace with Lucas). It worked before, so why not try it again? 
    • By Monztruz
      So I’ve searched all over and can’t seem to get a straight answer to what I’m experiencing. So  I have a Black Bear Tuned 03 GMC Sierra 1500HD with the 4L80E 4 Speed Automatic transmission with the ability to Manually shift 1-2-3.
      My understanding is that when I Manually shift it down into 1st gear it’s suppose to lock it into 1st gear so it revs up way higher and engine brakes to slow down but does not shift until I manually shift up to 2 or 3 or put it back in Drive. Well when I lock it into 1st gear, the revs are much higher but it still automatically shifts to 2nd gear once I get close to 25-30mph even though I have 1st gear selected.
      Is Manual shift lock not working for me?
      Has anyone else experienced this? 
      I just don’t get the point of manual shifting if it’s still gonna shift up automatically anyway 🤷‍♂️
      Thanks for any input!
    • By Dazedswift
      Hello! To whomever may have any advice. I recently bought a 2005 gmc single cab with a 6.0 4l80e that wouldn’t start unless you put a little fuel down the intake and jump the starter(which I didn’t do bc I’d rather fix the problem logically). Anyways so a problem that I found is that he had actually broken the ignition interlock cable on the steering column and you were actually able to turn the key by hand but turning it to the start position wouldn’t do anything other than a like if you would say meh out loud that’s literally what the engine or I believe the electrical would sound like when you turned the key into that position. So I replaced the wire from a donor steering column which was a PAIN!!! anyways I have the original column in with the new wire but it’s still not trying to start at all. I also noticed that the throttle body doesn’t open when you press the Gas and you can’t push it open. It also makes a small humming noise like it wants to try to open and slightly vibrates. Also so I jumped the 87 pin on the starter relay to the positive and the engine turns over but won’t fire and start. I’m assuming that it’s a fuel problem(yes I put fuel in the tank today 7gals). So my next theory is going to maybe test the starter? I’m not really educated on this stuff but I do have the tools for the most part. Any advice would be appreciated. ALSO it has a newer ignition Solenoid and it has the lock and car light on the dash so I’m not sure if the new keys have to be programmed and that has anything to do with it? Maybe? But I’m not sure and thank you again! I’ll post a link to a YouTube video tomorrow to show exactly what’s going on and what I’m working with for a visual! 
    • By Jonathan Mantilla
      Hello everybody, I’m really stumped on this issue I’ve been having on my 4l80e, it’s a 1989 c1500 with a 5.3 ls and 4l80e, the transmission has its own stand alone harness, it was working fine for about a year until one day the transmission did not want to shift, the trans ecu is reading tps , rpm, speed perfectly fine , the transmission is not shifting , only reverse and drive works, cannot manually shift, if I power off the trans ecu the transmission will just got into limp mode and stay in 2nd gear , I’m confused what the issue could be? Any help will be appreciated
    • By bigskyboarder
      I'm trying to buy a 2004 Silverado 1500hd with the 6.0 and 4l80e. When test driving the transmission would shift through all the gears fine but if you let off the gas as soon as the rpms hit 2000 they would drop to 1500 to 1000 and there would be a loud grind/whine until you tapped the gas again. I'm assuming it's the transmission, maybe the torque converter. Any help would be great so I can figure out if the transmission would have to be rebuilt or if it's something simpler to fix
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