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Another Long Tube question...

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Okay folks...  what is the consensus numbers on what a good set of 1 3/4” primary long tubes (Kooks, ARH, etc) will get you on an basically (maybe a CAI and a cat back) stock L83?  Info/numbers on catted vs non-catted would be cool too.  So would before and after tuning...  even though it’s pretty much a given that you need a tune if you do long tubes.  Thanks y’all!

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I dont have specific numbers to give you, but the consensus with long tubes, catted or not, and a good tune, (obivously intake, and exhaust) would net you about 25-30hp and 25-30 tq.

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All I can tell you is mine hauls a lot more ass and gets a lot more MPG than when the exhaust was stock.


I have a test spot that's about 1000 ft from a stop sign to a merge sign . When I cut out the flapper and swapped the stock muffler for a magnaflow I picked up a couple of mph and MPG, truck was already tuned but it was not retuned for cutting out the flap and new muffler.


 When I went headers and the stock 6.2 catback with the flap cutout and tuned, I picked up another 3 MPH over the previous setup. Which is a total of around 5 MPH from stock exhaust. 


I do get near 5 more MPG total than when my truck was untuned and had the K&N on it, it was bone stock except for the K&N. On my work commute stock with the K&N I got 14-15 MPG on gas and 11 on E85. Got it tuned and the v4 (AFM) turned off. Got the same mileage but made more power/went faster.


With all my exhaust changes I've seen as high as 19 MPG on gas and 16 on E85, going the same roads that I used to get 14.5 and 11. 


I had a decent highway drive the other day and the 25 mile MPG chart showed I was getting a little better mileage on E85 than the best I previously had with the stock manifolds and the flap cut out with the magnaflow and tuned. I gained considerable mileage and power just cutting out the flap and swapping the stock muffler for a magnaflow, I gained a lot more power after the headers and 6.2 catback, but again since then I've stomped on it all over the place so I'm not sure if I'm getting better MPG, but it's not worse. (with the headers and 6.2)

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Also, you probably wont get a lot of power numbers here since the driveshafts pop on the dyno.


But I've heard approx 25 from headers, and approx 25 from doing a cutout ( I assume a really good catback will be near the cutout numbers). Talked with a tuner from Dubai about it and he said that you may see up to 50 hp. Sounds crazy, but if you read through this thread about how much back pressure that damn flapper creates it's not too hard to see.



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I have Speed Engineering Long Tubes and love them


Not expensive and fit perfectly, im planning on making a full review video:



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On ‎2‎/‎19‎/‎2019 at 5:49 PM, 00pooterSS said:

Also, you probably wont get a lot of power numbers here since the driveshafts pop on the dyno.


But I've heard approx 25 from headers, and approx 25 from doing a cutout ( I assume a really good catback will be near the cutout numbers). Talked with a tuner from Dubai about it and he said that you may see up to 50 hp. Sounds crazy, but if you read through this thread about how much back pressure that damn flapper creates it's not too hard to see.



The Flapper...  where is it?  I'm wondering if my Flowmaster Outlaw kit already got rid of it and if I would need DiabLew to do an update if it is still there but goes away.  Pics would be very much appreciated.

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The flapper is in the stock exhaust and in the borla GM catback. I don't think it is in any other catbacks but I really only know about the OEM setup. I don't know about all the aftermarket setups

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L83 5.3 2017 z71.  I installed Corsa cat back, then afe cai, then tune with blackbear performance.  That was a great set up.  I literally just installed kooks lt 1-3/4 about three days ago.  Haven’t retuned it yet but let me tell u, it is the most noticeable butt dyno upgrade yet.  Easily as much as cai, cat back and tune gave me combined.  But it is friggin loud.


This set up does stick down below the frame about 3 inches so be aware of that.  That’s a concern of mine if I go offroad. 


Right now I am enjoying the upgrade and can’t wait for the retune.  But can forsee adding a resognator in the near future to quiet it down. 

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    • By CustomChevyGuy
      I figured it was time to introduce myself and my new daily driver. I've been into personalizing/customizing vehicles since before I could drive. My last truck was a 03 rcsb and was a great truck. I wish I could have found the new body in rcsb, but I came across my new truck at a price that couldn't be beat. I now have a 2019 Silverado LT LD. double cab.  It came equipped with  5.3L V8, 3.42 gears, the z85 suspension and a tow package. It is about the same truck I had, just 16 years newer, with a V8. I've slowly been doing the smaller easier mods in 6 quick months I've owned it. 
      I've got a running list of what I have done, and another list of things planned. I'll try to update the mods here as I go with Part numbers and prices of each (if I can remember). 

      Feel free to PM me if you have questions, or need pics on anything. I've been a member of forums for years, and have always been willing to pass on the information I learn myself, or have learned from others.

      1. First mod was tints. I had it for 2 days before I went to the local tint shop and got it done. I used a shop that does all of the cars for the dealership I work at, and had them do the lifetime ceramic tints. I didn't go as dark as my other truck, but I have been considering going back and having them done darker. I'd have to find the receipt to see how dark they are, I want to say 15 all the way around. I got a deal for being with the dealership, but the off-the-street package for the tints is $280? again I'd have to find the receipt.
      2. My next two mods I bought for the truck were the rear bed rail pocket covers, and the frame hole inserts.
      Pocket Covers here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MQVOJV0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
      Frame Tube Covers https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07F6XGFXB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 
      (Pics available)
      3. Next mod was an OEM Chrome Bowtie Exhaust tip, part number 22799814. I found this on a Craigslist post for $45. My price thru the dealership was something like $90, if I remember correctly. 

      4. From there I added the LED Bed lights that plug in to the bus bar under the rear bumper. OEM part number 23295943, I was able to find this kit thru my dealership contacts for $112. 

      5. From there I had to do something about the front end. It looked like every single other base truck, with no front recovery hooks.
      I picked the OEM Black recovery hooks, part number 84072463, from my contact at the local dealership for just under $40.
      Originally I was going to cut the front bumper valence for them to poke thru, but after seeing a few of them done, chose to go OEM. This was pricey, but the finished OEM look. It's a brand new truck, and I don't want it to look cheap, or hacked up already. Bumper filler part number is 84029800, and was $380, again this price is from my contact at a local dealership.
      Some of this cost was off set by selling my original one for $100 on Offerup. It was only up for about a week, and seemed to get plenty of interest.

      6a. Pulled the front and rear badges off, and had one of my guys in the body shop color match them for me, for $100.

      6b. After pulling the tailgate bowtie off, I decided I wanted it clean. So I took off the lettering on both front doors and tailgate too. It's a simple mod, but most people think of mods as having to ADD, rather than subtract from the vehicle.

      7. After using the bed lights, it started bothering me that the center high bed light and the reverse lights weren't LEDs to match the bed lights. So I found some 921 LEDs, each one putting out 3000 lumens from Amazon, and swapped them out. They look amazing and totally light up anything behind the truck, day or night!
      Lights can be found here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07F77TF21/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
      While I was at it I ordered some 194 leds for the tag lights. Those can be ordered here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JRE38EA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 

      8. I had friend of a coworker buy the wrong lift kit for his Colorado, so I was able to pick up a brand new MotoFab 3"/2" leveling kit for $120. This will probably be installed either this weekend or next weekend.
      My stock heights are currently as follows
      Driver Ft: 35 3/8, Pass frt: 35 1/2
      Driver Rr: 39 1/4, Pass Rr: 38 1/2
      (Pics will be available)
      9. This is the the mod I haven't completed, but I hope to soon. After using the bed lights, and having the reverse lights led, I decided to get some lights for the bumper steps. I chose to do a marine like light, in hopes they might be more weatherproof. These will be tapped to the plug under the rear bumper that the bed lights are plugged in with. The lights can ordered here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LYHD6RC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1.
      I hope to have good write up steps when I've got this completed.
      10. I've also begun the mod for foot well lights. Since I've got the extra 194 bulbs, I decided to pick up some 194 sockets with the 90* to them. Two of these are going to be wired up under the dash, and tapped into the gray connector that is under the dash, on the driver's side. There's plenty of notes on which wire to tap, but  I've taken a bunch of photos as to where I ran the wires and grounded them to the dash board frame. The other two will be run and mounted either to the sides of the middle seat or underneath the driver and pass seat itself.
      The GM socket # is 12001470. The Dorman part number 85868 is what I was able to find for $3 each. The wiring harnesses I've created myself (I've ran miles of wires in a few of my professional position, so I don't find this intimidating) 

      11. I originally wanted to find a set of the black Trailboss 18" rims, with some all terrains on it for after I had my level kit installed.
      I happened to stumble across a set of k2xx 18" "All Star" Package Rims in great shape for $300 on offer up. OEM part number is 20937769. These things were super clean!
      I really liked the way they looked when I had a set on my 03 rcsb. For the price I couldn't pass them up.
      I didn't know till I pulled the old tires off that the original owner had left the TPMS sensors on the rims. For the $300, I wasn't expecting them to be part of the deal. (Pics available) I was also able to get a set of 4 brand new 255/70/18 Bridgestone Dueler AT from another co-worker for $200. This tire and rim combo will be replacing the 255/70/17 tires and flat faced 17" rims as soon as the 3/2 level kit is installed.

    • By Clutch Bo
      I have a 5.3 with the 6L80 in it and was hoping to swap over to a 6.2 but i can’t find much online about what i will need to replace, anything would help. I know i’ll need a new ECM and possibly a new flex plate but besides that i’m not sure. Thanks in advance!
    • By Harrison Fischer
      I have a 2008 Silverado 1500 LT with the 5.3 vortec and it needs a new engine. Is it possible to put a 2003 5.3 Vortec engine in this truck or not?
    • By Hunter1296
      Took my 2017 Chevy Silverado z71 to the dealer today . Engine was ticking on top end sounded like a lifter tick and slight deeper knock in bottom end . oil presure was all over the place would go from 65 psi to 25 psi at same rpm. I have 44,000 miles. Has anyone else had this issue?  With the strike in play who know how long I will be without my truck.
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