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Maybe it is Eaton, but I can promise you its not the TrueTrac ! Or I got a fluke one.

My newer truck will engage sometimes and sometimes its lazy... (Turning in the rain with a heavy foot, I still get some 1 wheel peel action sometimes, but not always)


Where as my old truck with the TrueTrac would NEVER 1 wheel peel after I installed the TrueTrac!    That diff reacted so quick and flawlessly! It would just break both rears loose together and swing the ass around. 

I drove that truck for years before I put in the Eaton and for me, that Eaton was the best thing I ever did to that truck! Dry conditions I never noticed a difference, but any rain or muddy/sandy spots and I could see a HUGE difference. 



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I don't know about that. My G80 in my 14 hooked up seamlessly and one night in rainy weather it spun the ass end around 180 degrees with no effort. No crash, just didn't shit for 2 days from the pucker factor.

I now know to use premium tires.

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Sometimes it will do just that! But other times, it acts lazy and won't....


In my old truck with the TrueTrac, I took a lot of turns sideways on rainy days.  I was that idiot!!  Drove my wife crazy, but the kids loved it haha. 

But it was so easy to do and in that truck, extremely easy to control. With the exception of playing too hard on ice, I never lost it or spun out. When it rained the kids would always beg to go to an empty parking lot just to do donuts and sling it around. 

I can promise, I tested that TrueTrac out on many many occasions slinging that trucks rear around and it always worked perfect! In fact, i never had to really "sling it" as that TrueTrac would just spin both tires easily and it would slide on its own. Where as before the TrueTrac, if you wanted the ass end to slide around, you'd have to work to sling the rear so the non-powered tire would loose traction, if that makes sense.  


I havent really done that too often in my newer truck, just enough to realize the rear end does not act the same in low traction situations as my old truck. But the traction control could also play a part in that. My 02 didnt have that. 


I'd like to add, i don't ever do donuts or "drift" when its dry, thats how you break stuff :-)



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7 hours ago, dieselfan1 said:


The Tru track don't clunk like the G80 when it engages and is probably a better setup.

I thought something was wrong with my truck when I hear the clunk from the locker. Makes me nervous every time. Now, its just hammer down and dont let off. The traction control and stabilitrack work perfect.

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