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Bilstein and body lift setup

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What tire setups are people running with Bilstein 5100's and Body lift? Been searching around and havent found too much luck. Tire options on stock 18" wheels (+24mm offset I believe) are pretty much: 275/70, 285/70 or 295/70.


Thinking the 295/70 may be too much tire and rub sway bar. Wheel liner will be zip tied. 


Current setup:

Bilstein 5100 at full height

1.5" Zone body lift

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On mine, I was running 5100s at the stock setting with a Zone 2" Level Kit and a Zone 1.5" Body Lift.  My tires are Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT285/60R20 and rub the sway bar at full lock.  Not bad but enough that the paint is gone.  I just replaced the Bilsteins with Eibach Pro Truck Lift System 2.5" and put a 2" Block in the back. 


I'm waiting on a set of 1" Bora Wheel Adapters.  I'm running the stock GMC SLT snow flake wheels with +27 offset.  The adapters should put my tires just at the edge of the wheel wells. 


I'm debating about tire size when I need to replace this set.  295/60R20 or 305/55R20.  As much as I don't like the LT tires, I'll probably end up going the 295 size because it looks better for a 4" lift and it's not as wide.

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Do you have a picture of either set up? Trying to get a reference of wheel size with a 285/60. I'm with you on 295/60 vs 305/55 route and why I'm trying to see what other people have done. I think the 305/55 may be too small of an OD.


I'd really prefer not to run a wheel spacer, enough people are hesitant to make me not want to even go down that road.

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If you click on the picture below my response, the tires on my truck are LT285/60R20 currently. From a distance, they appear a little small.  Use the Tire Size Comparison tool at http://www.tiresize.com to plug in different tire sizes to get an idea of tire dimensions.  However, keep in mind that what you see is not what you get.  My tires on the ground with the weight of the truck only measure 33" from the ground to the top of the tire.  Not 33.5" like it says.  That's another reason I'm considering the 295 later is another member said they actually measured 33.5 or so, not the 34.1.


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