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4l60e won’t shift into 4th OD with new aluminum pan1997 k1500

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4l60e won’t shift into 4th OD with new aluminum pan 1997 k1500 5.7 4x4.


Trans was working fine with original steel pan. It is original to truck with 209k currently. I have done the oversized TCC valve 20k ago due to p1870. 


I just installed a new aluminum 2 7/8 deep pan. Now trans won’t shift into OD and eventually lights SES with p1870. 


Checked fluid hot in park idleing and it’s at the correct mark. 


4l60e is the older one case design with bell housing molded into case. 


See below pics of Dents Dimple in steel pan.


Valve body adjustment?


solenoid adjustment? 


Or need new valve body?

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Going to put original pan on today and I bet it will shift into 4th OD fine. 


The wear marks on the original pan must allow high mileage trans to shift into 4th. 


I want to use my new deep finned aluminum pan but guessing I need and adjustment or valve body or complete rebuild?



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Update. Truck shifts fine with original pan. I’ve noticed deep pans from tci have these small dimples like my stock pan. 


Careful buying on ebay. Pan was only $53.99 and all aluminum. Also sold on amazon. I started a return will see how it goes. 




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New pan didn’t come with extension. Old pan was 2.5” deep on inside. New aluminum pan is 2.75” deep. 


I think it has to do with the design on the sides. Not designed correctly for the solenoids to operate?



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