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Hey All - 


I have a 2016 Silverado LTZ 4x4 5.3 w/ 8SPD that I just paid off and am looking to go full long travel. Here are the current truck specs:


Front Shocks - King 2.5 Adjustable Reservoir

Upper Control Arms - Camburg Tubular UCAs

Rear Shocks - King 2.5 Adjustable Reservoir

Tires: 35x12.5x17 BFG KO2s

Wheels: 17in Method NVs

Lighting: 2-Baja Designs XL80s (SDHQ A-Pillar Mounts)

Other: Range AFM Delete


The current set up is ok, I can keep up with stock Raptors on certain trail runs. Given that I want more out of this truck, I'm looking at the following long travel kits:

  • Camburg
  • LSK Suspension
  • Dirt King 


I'm leaning towards the Camburg & DK kits as they're only +3.5 on each side vs. +4.5 for the LSK Kit. My garage isn't wide enough right now to accommodate +4.5 and will barely accommodate +3.5.


Here are the other mods to follow in the next 2 months:

  • Rear Bed Cage
  • Whipple Supercharger
  • +3 FiberWerx Fenders (All Corners)
  • 37x12.5x17 BFG KM3s
  • 4.10 Gears






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Looks great man! Can’t wait to see it done! Love seeing more and more people doing long travel, I know I love mine! Although I’m a bit jealous of your soon to be plans for the whipple. I’d love to do the same but am unable to at the moment, let me know how much better it moves those 37’s. I put 4.56’s in mine and it made quite the difference I can only imagine if I had a supercharger lol

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How much did you have to cut with the 35s? Truck looks good. You can also contact Brandon at BTF Fabrication, I know he offers an LT kit and he's got some great kits out there for other trucks too

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DUDE This truck is already awesome. Can't wait to see where it goes!!! 

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+1 for Dirt King. Their products and customer service are top notch. I only have their UCAs but, if I ever pull the trigger on a LT kit it will be dirt king for sure.

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Here are some new additions to the truck, all parts purchased and installed by the SDHQ team in Gilbert, AZ. 


New items:

Camburg Racing Long Travel Kit

Deaver U182s Leaf Pack

Mazzula Shackle & Hanger Kit

DirtKing Lower Arm Weld Washers

DirtKing Heavy Duty Upper Arm Alignment Cam Tabs

SDHQ Skid Plate

FiberWerx +3 Front Fenders


I'll post better photos once I have the fenders painted. Bonus photo of my truck next to BIGRED811s for those interested in seeing a comparison of a wider Silverado vs. Stock.
















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Looks nice with the paint on there !

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Love this build. You’ve chosen many of the same products I’ve been looking at. Would love to hear some feedback about the Deaver U182 springs. I have 4.56 gears with 33”-34” tires. I recommend you go shorter than 4.10s. Either 4.56 or 4.88 with your tire size. My highway RPMs are only 2250 at 70mph. The gears alone make you feel like you have a blower.

Maybe I missed seeing a driveshaft listed on your build. If you haven’t upgraded it yet, I’d start looking. I went with a one piece 5” aluminum shaft. Some guys like the two piece shafts.

Love watching this build. Thanks for sharing.

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    • By Noodlum
      Build List:
      2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 2wd
      5.3 V8
      3.42 Gears
      Superchips Programmer
      Pedal Commander
      Magnaflow Race muffler w/ Dirt Skum Bezel/Tip Bedside Exit
      Window Tint
      Plasti Dip Emblems
      Stubby Antenna
      Custom Bumper/Skid Plate
      Method NV 305 17"
      Falken Wild Peaks 315/70/17
      Dirt King UCAs
      CST 3.5" spindles
      King 2.5 OEM coil overs
      King 2.5 OEM Piggyback
    • By Battle Born Offroad
      07+ Silverado/Sierra 4WD Race Kit / LSK1104
      Fits 2007+ Silverado/Sierra 4wd Vehicles Wheel Travel: 14.5" w/ LSK shock hoop, up to 17" with custom hoop/engine cage setup Wheel Base: Extended 1.25" forward Track Width: Extended 4.50" each side Lower Uniball pivot: 1.5" Upper Uniball pivot: 1.0"  
      Spindles Lower Arms Upper Arms Shock Tower Complete steering from rack out Grade 8 hardware throughout Requires
      Removal of factory shock mount Extended brake lines Spidertrax Unit Bearings (Require increased brake rotor bore to clear hub assembly - Machined rotors can be included for an additional $200) Coilovers (Not Included in kit) Bypasses (Not included in kit) RCV Race Series Extended Axle Assemblies Shock Hoops/ engine Cage Important Notes
      Welding is required - this is not a bolt on system and will require proficient knowledge in fabrication to perform the installation This particular kit uses a 10" 2.5" coilover and a 10" 3.0" or 2.5" 3-Tube bypass, a larger bypass can be run but would require a custom tube layout Coilovers require a specific fitting layout - if using your own coilovers please contact our sales team to make sure the configuration you have will work with this kit Shock hoop is  listed as an option because most installers wish to add an engine cage but may want to run their own layout - choose this option if you would like to use our supplied shock hoop by itself or as a base for your installer to build an engine cage off of. Optional Shock Hoops are contructed out of 1 1/2" .120 wall DOM tubing Kits are normally in stock, however, a lead time of 3-4 weeks for a finished batch is typical on this kit when sold out. Please contact our sales team to verify if product is in stock (While it displays "In Stock" on the website, inventory levels are constantly changing and is not updated in real time) RCV Race Series extended axle shafts and HD inner/outer CV's are required - OEM CV joints WILL NOT work with this kit. Spidertrax Unit Bearings are required, OEM hub assemblies will not work with this kit. Running these hub assemblies ELIMINATES the ABS system. Coilover/Bypass lead time depends soley on King Shock Technologies. Typical lead time can be anywhere from 8-10 weeks on standard King blue finishes. Custom colors are available for your coilovers and bypasses, please contact our sales team to go over pricing for each additional option. 82d84c_f5e0a8faa1df4fbd9ca2e95af4d7f392_mv2_d_5184_3456_s_4_2 (4).webp
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    • By VdellaV
      Hello, Everyone!
      After Months of having to cope with noises and problems regarding tge front end alignment on my truck, i finally came across the solution
      The stock suspension alignment is set by this cams, which are prone to moving under load and/or getting loose:
      No matter how many times i aligned the truck, it all moved again while making a turn in the parking lot or getting down from the drveway ( close to steering lock)
      I finally decided that it was enough and after making some research i came across this kit from Dirt King Fabrication: https://dirtkingfabrication.com/products/upper-arm-alignment-cams-dk-632919
      The process i took was as follows:
      -Re Align the Truck (-2* Camber,  +5* Caster)
      -Mark where the position stock cams as they sit correcly
      -Install thenew Dirt King cams in the same positions
      -Add pressure washers (Not incluided in kit)
      -Add Loctite (Not incluided in kit)
      -Tighten everything down (like, a lot)
      For the TL;DR I made a video about it:
      Problems i came across:
      -One of the alignment pins that are pressed into the chassis fell, almost all others were loose
      Fix: I replaced it with a little screw and nut (shown in video)
      -The truck´s suspension still knocks a bit when moving at full lock, but it doesnt feel like moving
      Fix: Still working on it but if it doesnt move and looses the alignment, i dont care
      Maybe the only option is to pin point removable welds, screw it.
      Have anyone else experienced this kind of problem in their trucks? How did you manage to fix it?
      With any luck GM fixed this garbage alignment design for the new 2019s (i think they did) 
      And as always support on my YT channel is very much appreciated
    • By 2017_LTZ
      So I was scrolling through my IG feed and came across this sale.
      Does not seem like a bad deal!!!

    • By Bpaulin_
      Anybody with long travel? or mid travel set up?
      if so, what set up are you running?
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