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Hellwig front and rear sway-bars

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Short review... you need this!


To this day I can't find a reason why would GM not include a rear sway-bar on their trucks. Every single GM truck I had, I have done this mod to. It helps with the stability of the truck immensely, it may not be apparent on a normal daily driving. But when you have to make a quick change of lanes because the idiot driving next to you decided that he "should" change lanes or the person in front of you stop for no reason, you will be glad you have them. The rear of the truck follows your input and it doesn't develop a mind of its own and decide to pull the truck in the opposite direction. 


The addition to the rear with this one made such a huge impact that I decided to get the front bar as well. The change was obvious, but so was the increase in noise. At first I took it as the urethane bushings fault, so no big deal... well, after spending some time in the last 2 weeks taking measurements for a new transmission crossmember that I want to fab up I noticed that the sway-bar was not parallel with the floor, it was pointing up at the links... my truck is lowered 3" in the front, but out of those 1" is from a spring. A few measurements and a visit to energy suspensions website I ordered a link set that's 1" shorter than the factory one, installed them and voila, no more binding noise, the truck corners way better... to the extent that I had to swap the rear bar to the stiffest setting. 


I would recommend both bars to anyone that drives a little faster than normal, or that drives country roads most of the time... just the rear for everyone. The benefits you get from this bar out-weights the cost big time.  

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