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2014ltz problem

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My 2014 GMC Sierra had the same issue. Both lower seat heaters quit all at once. Backs still worked fine. Ended up having to have both lower seat cushion heaters replaced. These are a weak link in the heated seats from GM. I contacted GMC customer support and they paid 40% of my bill the dealer charged to replace them, I paid the other 60%. My truck was out of warranty by a few months only and just a little over in mileage. Even when working the lower heaters are not very warm at all, barely feel it on high.

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    • By Stroud415
      Was wondering if anyone has had this problem. My driver side heated seats work fine with the dash button working also. The passenger sides button doesn’t light up or anything and I can’t seam to find any blown fuses. Help please!
    • By Splhunter
      So my heated seats work great in the summer but they seem to go on vacation in the Bahamas or something once the temp drops to where one would need the heat. PLEASE HELP (MY REAR END WILL THANK YOU WHEN IT GETS COLD )
    • By Mike J
      I have had my truck at the GMC dealership for 3 days now for an oil change and to check into why my heated seated were not working.  They first told me they need to replace my body control module.  They did that it and they then said they had a bad board and they needed to try another one.  They tried another one and then told me I needed to bring in my second key fab so it would program properly.  They completed the install and took it for a test drive.  It only worked temporarily.  Now they are saying they need to replace the 2 elements in both seats.  The total repair will be $2200 for the BCM and the four elements.  Because I am not a mechanic, I looking for some one with a mechanical backround to tell me is this legit?  Do I need both a BCM and 4 elements replaced to get them to work?
    • By Cregeis
      I have turned on heated seats under my remote start preferences yet when I enter my 2017 Yukon Denali, the seat heater lights are not on and the seat is not warm.  Any suggestions?
    • By stomlin1221
      Please help!! I’m becoming extremely frustrated with the seats in my 2014 Sierra SLT. Here is the current situation, both front seats do not have working heat (lumbar and bottom) which leads me to believe that it would be pretty slim chances all 4 of those elements would be shot. What is weird is the cooled seats work on each side, and when I press the heated seat button for either side, the lights come on. I’ve checked every fuse imaginable and used a test lift to see if the elements are getting power, and they were not. What would make the elements not get power? A module or something? Any help would be appreciated as I can’t seem to find anything after my hours on forums. Pretty disappointed in a newer truck that is causing me issues like this. 
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