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Tonneau covers the good, the bad, the ugly

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Soft tri fold for me.  I bought the smittybilt branded one from 4wp and have little complaints other than the crappy packaging and its ease of pocket-knife entry.


My old truck had a Pace Edwards rolling/locking one, but I would not do that again as even the low profile versions still take up some room in the bed that you might find useful at some point.  Its basically permanently installed so you cant do anything about it in decent time.  Good security for valuables and random tailgate theft - I had a unsuccessful break in attempt (the bed was empty too, idiots).  


My '09 has a diamondback hardcover (diamond plate that looks rhino lined?) that flips up in the front and back and has a headache rack built in.  I would not do this one again either - you cannot use the full entirety of the bed.  Good security for valuables, but the thing was super expensive.


The soft fold ones are super easy to remove if you need to use the whole bed.  They're total crap for security though and only for keeping stuff dry.  I paid $200 for mine.  I used the truxedo tailgate seal to keep dust and water out of the tailgate, but I cant really recommend that either as the design just doesnt fit right.

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On 10/04/2019 at 5:36 PM, Dersch said:

Actually that does look like a good value. Definitely might go that route. 

What are you doing to improve the seals 

I bought a roll of narrow weatherstrip foam & put it under each side rail. That helped a bunch. Part of the issue is that I have a Backrack, which creates a small gap on the sides near the front. If you don't have a Backrack, it will be less of an issue, or not at all.

 I think a bit is still getting in at either the rear corners or at the front. (maybe 1/2 quart or so during a really heavy rainfall) The bit of water that does get in isn't a big deal, especially in the summer when it quickly evaporates. Plus having a plastic bedliner in with drain holes in the front helps, as any water just settles into the bottom small channels between the ribs on the floor. I carry cardboard boxes frequently & my biggest concern is keeping them dry. So far, it's working pretty good, especially if I don't put them right at the front. (I usually park facing downhill, so the little bit of water that gets in pools at the front before draining, or evaporating.)
This summer, I'll probably beef up the front seal and do something at the rear corners.

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I have a Lund Genesis roll up and I give it mixed reviews. It's a soft roll up that uses velcro. The price is pretty good for sure, however, the fitment seems sketchy. I does a decent job of keeping rain out, but I can't for the life of me get it to look perfectly taught across my bed. No matter the temp, there are ALWAYS wrinkles running the length of the bed. It does have adjustable tension and I have played with that plenty, but it seems to be more for the taughtness from front to back not for side to side (where my issues seem to lie). I pull and pull at the sides in attempt to get those wrinkles to flatten out, I've installed and reinstalled and even made a warranty claim (which wasn't easy, but eventually they followed through) to no avail. 


So, for functionality I give it a 7/10 and for aesthetics 3/10. 


Good luck with your search! 

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