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Corrosion Getting Bad on '14 - Fix or Ignore?

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The bed corners (getting thin) and the rear leaf shackles (lots of pack out) in particular may be a problem soon. But it's an awful pain in the butt to crawl around under there trying head off rust at the pass. How much longer do you think this truck's got before I have to worry about something giving out at max payload?



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Most of it looks like the factory wax peeling up on the frame so I don't think you have any real structural issues. The body will end up rotting out first. You can try spraying fluid film or some other oil type undercoating to try to slow everything down. Do you have a salter on the back or that thing or drive into the ocean? For 5 years that's quite a bit of rust.

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You got many years left before you have to worry about it. My 01 HD the passenger side rocker is 98% gone, driver’s side is 90% gone, both corners are at least 50% gone, frame looks like it was part of the Titanic, cab floor is solid for some strange reason and I still don’t hesitate to hook up the trailer and go, push snow all winter long with 600#s in the bed, or haul whatever heavy junk I want to. I do climb under it though a couple times a year and look for frame cracks cause I don’t want to be one of those guys that drives around with the bed touching the cab in the flying V formation...



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Spray it in oil, fluid film/, or diesel w/gear oil and forget about it. Nothing you can do now to properly fix it without removing the entire body from the chassis and sandblasting the frame clean and putting a PROPER COATING on it. All you can do now is damage control until the truck is at the end of its useful life, or undertake a frame off restoration. Man I hate this GARBAGE wax. Ford's coating lasts 10 years, GM's coating lasts 10 months, if you are lucky.   

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As soon as you buy these things I think it’s real important to treat the undercarriage with either fluid film, or any of the other wet applications. And keep it going every year. The factory frame wax is a joke, with bare spots right there on the dealer lot. I was shocked to find my brand new 2018 with rust already starting as soon as I got the thing home. Now I fluid film it twice a year and constantly touch up trouble spots with something. 

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