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ZR2 Running Board / Assist Step Recommendations

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After two weeks, quickly realizing rock sliders are a no go.


Would like to go with something as OEM looking as possible.


I like the 5-Inch Rectangular Assist Steps (Part No. 84157156):




But at $650, or $490 found elsewhere, a bit steep, no pun intended.


Anyone have any Running Board / Assist Step Recommendations?


And is installation DIY? Any particular tools needed?



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Have you tried the following site ???


These boards are basically the same as the GM parts bin stuff, just a lot cheaper.

The link is for chrome, you can also get black for a little less money.

Installation is in 3 steps:

1. Install bolt clips in areas provided in your truck. You may have to remove plastic covers over the clip mount holes first.

2. Install steel brackets onto vehicle, 4 brackets per side, using supplied hardware.

3. Attach running boards to the brackets, using supplied hardware.

All of the bolts have the same size head, you'll need socket, ratchet, and extension on a few bolts, and a torque wrench to get the bolts all torqued down.

You also may want to use some blue loctite on bolt threads.

Install takes about 30 - 45 minutes per side, can be done without elevating vehicle.

Hope the above helps ...


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Those look great, Enthusiast!


Thanks so much for posting, as well as the detailed install info!


Such a great help you are!



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Are there any steps that work without having to remove the rock sliders?

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Because they use the same 4 mounting spots for each side, No, not that I know of. And the steps don't make good sliders, because the mounting brackets would hit a surface first and might rip away. But it may be possible to fabricate compound mounting brackets to allow mounting of both slider and step ??? Or possibly weld slider bars onto the brackets, and in between each of the 4 brackets ?? Just postulating of course ...

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That’s what I was figuring.  I have the Bison but my pregnant 5’3” wife can’t get into the truck anymore.

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