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Exhaust valve tip failure.

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Original owner, all stock 2015 2500HD WT 6.0 gas 190k miles.  Cylinder 3 exhaust valve tip almost gone.  


Engine developed a low noise valve tick on start up and idle, 3k miles later, louder and at all rpms.  Intermittent (twice) P0303.  Removed valve cover, rocker arm and observed damaged valve.  Roller lifter and cam journal showed no signs of damage.  


Of the eight valves, one destroyed and three others showing wear( pic 3)  Inspected passenger cylinder head valve bank, no signs of wear or damage.  Oil stain seen through exhaust port.  


Informed GM and assigned case

#9-5190338716.  The truck has been a solid performer and provides great service. The short years and high mileage may indicate future issues with valve lots that may be below specification. 


My plan is to replace all valve parts including lifters.  Should GM want to inspect these parts, I will make them available upon request.  







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Since the issue seems to be specific to a couple valves i would have an independent engine builder check the valve stem guides and basically rebuild the heads. Most shops I've used charged $150-200 to do so. Could of just been something simple.

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With the miles on the truck I would just put a new engine in it. 


GM isn't going to want to see the parts.  LOL they don't care, they want you to buy a new truck. 

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True on GM caring about little ole valves. 

Top end is 5-700 bucks.  New truck 500 a month.  New motor 3-5k.  She’s a good mount and makes coin every time I sit in it.   Stick with what I got.  Keep in mind this rig has pulled between 6-10k while at full payload 98% of its life. Been up and down the IKE, handled I-40 crosswinds, and AZ summer heat. While heat radiated through the roof the transmission never rose above 195 F.   Cost per mile slays a Duramax.  Anyone who says the 6.0 with a 4:10 can’t hang...brings a smile and a chuckle. 


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Yes. New springs and any valves needing replacement.  All lifters changed, new lifter buckets and valve guides.  Then I’m replacing all sensors.  Oil pump is good, replaced o-ring at the pick up tube.  Asked about replacing the cam for a a moderate 30 hp and 40 torque and Georgie suggested not to because my truck comes up for emissions next year. 


Really got lucky catching this before it dropped a valve.  Haven’t pulled heads since the late seventies.  Knew what had to be done, just had to dig in.  Easy pulling parts, I’ll have a ? when back together and running. 

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Yes. New springs and any valves needing replacement.  All lifters changed and new lifter buckets.  Then I’m replacing all sensors.  Oil pump is good, replaced o-ring at the pick up tube.  Asked about replacing the cam for a a moderate 30 hp and 40 torque and Georgie suggested not to because my truck comes up for emissions next year. 
Nice! Good to hear.
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Good catch and this should be in the HD section.


The 6.0 is about as bulletproof a motor I have seen. Many in service trucks have gone 300k no issues.


I would also use synthetic oil.

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Heads back from the shop.  Confirmed the exhaust tip let go.  All new exhaust valves and springs/keys.  Shop reported one entire exhaust bank valve seats needed attention.  Most likely the passenger side showing an intermittent P0306 code.  P0303 code is explained with the damaged exhaust valve.


TECH TIP.  The shop relayed if motor in truck go ARP kit 134-3610 and torque as directed (no need to torque to angle).  Helps with bolts near firewall.  Motor out go GM bolts.


Waiting for thread chaser to start the rebuild.


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