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Add HUD to SLT

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I bought a complete dash out of a 2020 Silverado with HUD.  I stripped the dash and cut open the harness.  Removed the HUD circuits from donor dash.  I then dismantled my dash.  I replaced the center stack hvac vent which is narrower in a HUD truck.   I replaced the drivers side vent which is flatter to let the hud mount clear.  I cut open my dash harness and soldered the HUD harness circuits into my dash harness.  There are 5 circuits that need tapped. 2 grounds, 1 power, 1 led backlight and 1 lin bus.  Lin bus gets soldered into the cluster harness.  1 ground I soldered into the parking brake button.  The other 3 go in to the main trunk of harness.  I then cut the HUD 2 support mounts from the donor dash support and welded them into my dash support.  There are 3 mounts for the hud support 1 was already there.  I was then able to attach HUD support the mounts in my truck I connected everything and put everything back together and then HUD worked.  I did not swap windshield there is a little ghosting.  The HUD image is actually much bigger than I can capture in picture, I do not know why that is.  I am thinking about tinting windshield slightly to help with eliminating ghosting. 20210530_125917.thumb.jpg.b3673cd62bbb77152f34c1852af5ec65.jpg20210530_072433.thumb.jpg.0dcf428a0d8af74daf8d30c59a3e2dde.jpg20210530_073757.thumb.jpg.df181d9488edea85704f9f685b51a358.jpg

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I used the following PNs:

Mount Bracket: 23407367                                          $65
Driver Information Display Switch: 84456360           $31
Instrument Cluster: 84804721                                    $412
Instrument Panel: 84553050                                      $280   Has dash panel, HUD trim bezel, and mounting strip
Cluster Visor: 84054788                                             $70 Designed for HUD
Head-up Display: 84395830                                      $510
Outlet Duct: 23391609                                                $24  - Allows you to keep the Drivers side left defroster
Windshield: 84398043                                                $394   (Not used at this time)
WAM VIN Programmed                                                $200 + &80 round shipping
Phil’s custom harness                                                  $150 -2014 - 2018 Silverado / Sierra - HUD Retrofit Harness - Harness Dr. - DIY Done Right 

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are you planning on throwing some 50% tint down? the slight blurryness is hurting my eyes 😳.  what did you do about only having 1 out of 3 mount brackets for hud bracket?  i bought entire dash so i could cut those mounts out.  nice work it was a fun upgrade.

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The slight blurryness doesn't bother me so much.  I may start researching for ceramic windshield tint. If anything to help keep the interior cooler.  Maybe find a piece and put it where the HUD displays for a test. Without the 2 mounts you get the HUD to bounce around a little when going over bumps.   I may zip tie the back down as you can get to it just by removing the driver console.  Since I can't weld, I'd have to get the complete frame and really tear the dash down.  

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