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Anybody Have BlackBear Tuner Issues???

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Has anybody had any issues with BlackBear Autocal that was not a user problem? Anything specifically pertaining to ECU lockup? I heard about that happening on an 8 speed dodge but was okay on the 6 speed dodge. 


From what I hear and what I read, blackbear is the way to go. Mostly what I am looking for is drivability and to tighten the hell out of my transmission as I just put a new one in. Other things id like to take care of is the Active Fuel Management, Torque Management System, and change up my stabilitrak/TC preferences.


Im not so concerned with running e85 or premium tunes as what I can tell being stock it really won't make a huge difference in engine preservation.


Does anybody have any experiences or knowledge to share for what I will see in the future choosing BlackBear, or maybe some suggestions to add to my list for Justin?


Thanks guys


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Have the auto cal Blackbear tune on my 015 since 016 put 3k miles on my truck new off the lot then had them tune it. I’m perfectly content with it knowing there are better/more advanced options out there. 


After you get your base tunes to them they will ask you what you want from your tune/truck and what mods you have. Just tell them what you are after here is what my email to them said to give you an idea.

Airaid MIT tube, stock airbox, Delco air filter
Flowmaster 70 series muffler, exhaust valve/resonator delete
AFM off
speed limiter off or raised
I would like the transmission to "hunt" less not sure how to explain the up shifts are soft/slow but I don't want it to bang/slam like a shift kit. At slow speed (parking lot/off road) it seems indecisive of which gear to be in and downshifts are jerky. I don't like when I go around a corner let off the gas then step on it and it's like there's nothing happening not sure if that's the tranny or torque management? So whatever you think for the trans and TM.
Around here 87/91 octane is the norm it's about impossible to find 92 +
I do occasionally pull a car hauler 6,000 pounds or a quad trailer 2,000 pounds
driving is 70% highway, 25% intown, 5% dirt roads 
live in Iowa so weather is both extremes if that matters 
I drive it like a "old guy" 90% of the time it's a truck not a Camaro SS so not looking for "MAX power" just better drivability if that makes sense. 
The auto cal has five slots. 2 are for your stock tunes engine/trans then 3 for your tunes. Mine is a 87 tune, 91 tune, and trans tune. I installed my 91 and trans tunes when I got them and haven’t done anything else since except drive it. Just a FYI summer E-85 really wakes up the engine with the 91 tune. 😁
IMO the truck after both tunes drives/shifts like I thought it should have from the get go 95% of the time anyway. I still get a funky up/down shift every now and then under certain situations. 
I bought my auto cal and tunes on sale (Black Friday) 100 bucks off from them so I’d check for similar sales with the upcoming holidays. Might save you a couple bucks?
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