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Auto Unlock All Doors Upon Opening Driver's Door?

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Hi everyone,

Is there a setting to automatically unlock all doors upon opening of the driver's door?

It's annoying to open the driver's door, go to the rear door, but for it to be locked.

Note I do not want to have all doors unlock upon shifting to Park (for safety).


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Thanks, but I did go to settings.


I don't see anything, unfortunately.


There is something that automatically unlocks the doors upon shifting to Park, but I don't want that, as I don't want to Park and then automatically have the doors unlock.


Would like for them to all unlock upon my opening of the driver's door, however.


Can you please assist?


Thank you very much!

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What does the owners manual say about this.  It has the correct information for your vehicle.  Your post does not include any information regarding to year, model or submodel.  Just because it was posted in a forum that is related to a specific model does not mean your post was to the correct forum.  Check your owners manual, it's just a lot quicker. 

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2019 ZR2.


Owners manual shows what I'm seeing in settings.


Would like for all doors to open upon opening [a locked] driver's door.


Only option seeing is for all doors to open upon shifting into Park; which makes no sense, safety-wise.

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For the new (2019) Infotainment system, this is the owners manual stuff: Owners manual, page 136, "Vehicle Personalization". It's under "Remote Lock, Unlock, Start", page 137, then on page 138 "Remote Door Unlock", options are "All Doors" and "Drivers Door".


On the Infotainment Display: Begin at "Home", select "Settings", then "Vehicle". Touch "Remote Lock, Unlock, Start", then "Remote Door Unlock", then make your choice of  "All Doors" or "Drivers Door".


It's easy to set, or return to factory, whenever you want. Like when I'm using a truck for work, I just do driver door because I keep tools and stuff in the back seat area. But with other people or when shopping, I do all doors.


Took pictures but for whatever reason couldn't include them for this response.


It should be similar for the 2015 -2018 systems. And for some specific models the owners manual page numbers might be different. Hope this helps ...


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