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Water pump or Vac pump whine ?

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Well, my 2016 LTZ  Z71 6.2 Silverado with 28k miles is back at the dealer again, Last summer it started the well known trans shutter, The Gm service flush did correct that problem.

This weekend I switched on the AC, you guessed it, Hot air. No bad fuses and compressor not running, Dealer said the system was empty and they can't find a leak.

On to the third problem, I have an intermittent whine from the left side front of the engine, First time I heard it I blew it off as a belt whine. This weekend when checking the compressor fuses

it started again, only lasted a few minutes and stopped, I shut it off, left it sit for an hour, started it up and the whine was back and this time I had my phone to capture the noise but the dealer can

not replicate the noise.

The whine sure sounds like it was coming from the water pump but after reading about all the 2014-2016 vacuum pump failures I'm not so sure this isn't one more for the list.

Biggest problem, My GM warranty runs out in three weeks !!!


Chevy 6.2.mp4

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Posted (edited)

Buy a new vacuum pump fer $150.


It shares oil with engine. It grenades after warranty expires and takes out your long block.


You can also plug the block oil lines for the vacuum pump and run a Corvette or Summit Electric vacuum pump to save your motor.


Common problem. Designed to fail.


GM Part # 11546665


Order 2. 1 plug per bag, u need 2.



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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, Paintor said:

Buy a new vacuum pump fer $150.


It shares oil with engine. It grenades after warranty expires and takes out your long block.


You can also plug the block oil lines for the vacuum pump and run a Corvette or Summit Electric vacuum pump to save your motor.


Common problem. Designed to fail.


GM Part # 11546665


Order 2. 1 plug per bag, u need 2.



I’ve only seen where one other member has done the conversion to an electric pump.  In that thread, he came back and said that the electric pump failed in a pretty short amount of time too.  I’m not sure that’s a great option on a daily driver at this point.


As for the Corvette electric, it’s not solely electric.  I believe they use manifold pressure on the C7 and only use the electric pump to assist during times of low vacuum.  From what I read, it is controlled on and off by the BCM using feedback from the pressure switch.


I think I would be pushing the dealer to replace the vac pump before your warranty runs out.  You might try pushing the brake system to see if you can get any hard pedal symptoms with multiple brake strokes at idle.  If you can, that should be enough to get them to replace it.

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My intention is to switch switch mine to the C7 vacuum pump setup as soon as the warranty is up (2.5 years).  I am sure there will be many more DIY setups by then as more and more folks go out of warranty.  


Mechanical setup is stupid.

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    • By DenaliX14
      Hey All, 
      I've had a lot of folks ask me about installing my new driveshaft. I will link the thread for the high HP driveshaft. Here is how to remove and install a driveshaft for GM 1500 Trucks. Hope this helps.
      1. Raise the rear of the vehicle and support it securely on jack stands and block the front wheels. Or use a lift. 
      2. Place the transmission in Neutral with the parking break OFF.
      3. Important** Make a reference mark on the driveshaft and the Pinion flange (if keeping original driveshaft) in line with each other. 

      4. Remove the rear universal joint bolts and retainers. Rotate the shaft in the most convenient way as to not allow the shaft to spin. Try inserting a screwdriver in the shaft yoke to keep the shaft steady.

      5.For Two piece shafts remove the fasteners from the center support bearing. 
      6. On ALL models, tape the bearing caps to the universal join to prevent the caps from coming off during removal 
      7. Lower the rear of the shaft and slide the front of the shaft out of the transmission or transfer case. 
      8. cover the transfer case or transmission with plastic wrap or plastic bag to decrease fluid loss or contamination.  DONE!!
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      1.2. On models with two piece shafts raise the center support bearing into position, install the fasteners and torque to 30 FT-Lbs
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      3. Install the clamps and bolts. Tighten all bolts to 18 ft-lbs.  
      **FYI The yoke bolts are 118 ft-lbs. 
      Here is a video from youtube that may help too. 
      Here is my post about an upgraded driveshaft, 1,200 Hp and 8,300 torque. 
    • By Charles P.
      Hey Everyone!
      I just got a 2017 Sierra SLT over the weekend with a 6.2l engine and 8-Speed Tranny. 85,000 Miles
      The previous owner had done the following that I can tell from Carfax and looking around:
      -Aftermarket Headers
      -MBRP Full Exhaust system
      -Catch can setup
      -Heads taken off and gaskets replaced (Per carfax)
      -Differential Fluid changed
      -Differential Cover changed
      I am trying to read up on everything about it and I had some questions that may be obvious or simple but I am having a hard time finding the answers to.
      1.Im not entirely sure if the truck has a tune or not.Is there a good way to tell?
      2.Would a custom tune disable AFM?
      3.Do I empty the Catch can often?
      4.Should I do the TSB 8 Speed fluid change at its current miles? Or is it too late?
      5.Any advice/ info to a new 6.2l anyone has? Im wanting to know as much as I can.
      I am looking for this truck to be a 15 year truck. So maintenance and must do's are very important to me.
      Thanks for any help!
    • By PabloK
      Installed the borla type-s exhaust couple days ago.  
      build quality is excellent, fitment was absolutely spot on.  
      took me 5 beers and about 2 hours...
      my thoughts.. on the system...  also have a type S on my SRT...
      1.  Cold start is aggressive!  It literally barks....  I was very surprised by this,  much louder than my SRT system...
      2.  After engine warms up and rpms settle down it has the very standard s-type deep burble at idle.   If the truck is parked and just running, walking behind it is just music to my ears.  Very deep little burble that just sounds great.
      3.  As you ramp up the rpms and roll through the gears, the sound is deep and pronounced, this is the loudest type-s exhaust I’ve heard.  Not in a bad way, just know that you will hear this exhaust unless you absolutely butter the throttle and accelerate like an old woman.
      4. No drone in 9th or 10th gear.. no goofy noises or vibrations with cylinder deactivation stuff so that’s a major plus.
      happy with the purchase, louder than expected but still nothing too crazy.  Getting the ATAK version would be overboard for a pickup in my opinion... 
      engineers at borla said their touring style is identical to the gmc branded perf exhaust in regards to sound output.

      so their 3 levels are
      touring- tame 
      type-s - pretty big jump, aggressive! Crazy cold start that barks
      atak- crazy man over the top sound, I don’t think many guys would go this extreme
      will get better videos soon
    • By DenaliX14
      Hey guys just wanted to share tis bit of info that I was able to find. It was difficult locating a driveshaft for a 14+ GM 1500 so I hope this helps. 
      After spending tons of time trying to find a less complicated way to upgrade my DS I visited alldrivelines.com (referral from a member) and saw the 800hp rated 2 piece shaft. I called to verify compatibility and was let down by the rep. It is not user friendly for the 4x4's. 
      However, after asking me some great questions Shelby @ Alldrivelines  (661) 633-2303 simply said why don't you get our 1,200hp rated driveshaft for the 14+ GM 1500.. I said ..."wait huh". Tell me more. This is currently not listed on the website.  
      It is a 5" 6061 Aluminum shaft with a .125 wall thickness. It is rated for over 1,200 HP and 7,300 ft tq. She can get the correct size for other models too (bespoke).
      I'm running the following with a Stock Trans/Transfer Case and ride hight. 
      Make: GMC Model: Sierra 1500 Denali Drive: AWD/4WD Loc: Rear Bed: 5'9" Chassis: 143.5"WB Doors: 4 Door  
      After some negotiating it ended up being $580 SHIPPED from CA to MA!!!.  (She also suggested the upgraded billet slip yoke rated 1200hp it was an extra $100 so I'm actually $680.00 shipped)**
      Just a heads up folks. If you want a Driveshaft that can handle high speeds, high HP and TQ this is the place to go. Call Alldriveline (661) 633-2303 and ask for Shelby. Mention my last name Melaas and they'll cut you the same deal.
      A 1,200 hp rated shaft with the billet yolk for $680 shipped. I don't get anything for it I just asked if I could refer my friends here for the same deal and she said sure. Very nice Lady. 
      Lastly it is a 2-3 day processing and shipping for me (ca - ma) is about 3-4 days. I should have it next Thursday! I will send pics. 
      PM if you have any questions. 
    • By DenaliX14
      After  being down nearly 6 months the Denali is almost finished. The shop based out of Hudson, NH  “Granite State Dyno and Tune” has been incredible. Super professional with absolutely top notch craftsmanship. 
      Here is the build. 
      2014 Sierra Denali 6.2L
      GM 6.2L. 
      Forged crankshaft 
      Forged rods 
      Diamond 10:7:1 Pistons. 
      Precision Race Components ported Cylinder Heads w/ valve job
      PAC spring/ Valve Kit. 
      Comp Cams rocker arms/trunion 
      Texas Speed & Performance Stage 1 Camshaft +30% fuel lobe
      TSP AFM delete kit
      Lingenfelter ported 95mm throttle body
      Ported L86 intake manifold. 
      All ARP bolts or studs. 
      GM ZR1 high volume fuel injectors 
      GM ZR1 fuel pump 
      Armageddon 465 LPH in tank fuel pump
      Snow Performance Stage 3 Meth Kit with controller and braided lines. 
      Borg Warner S480 T6 Turbo 1.32 AR billet 110/96mm.  
      Turbo smart 50mm BOV
      Turbo Smart 60mm waste gate
      Pro Boost controller 
      fully wrapped exhaust
      Cooling/Oil separators 
      Mishimoto fully aluminum Radiator 
      Mishimoto R-Line Intercooler 31x 12x 4”
      Mishimoto HD Trans Cooler
      2X Mishimoto Black Aluminum catch cans. 
      Mishimoto 180 degree thermostat. 
      Circle D pro 3 torque converter 2700 stall. 
      I think that sums it up... I will post tuning videos and some driving as they come around. 

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