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2000 Silverado poor on mpg and lacking power

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Having a major loss of power especially noticable when going up hill, and terrible fuel mileage(350 km to an 90 litre tank) have done all the basic things it could be like maf sensor, plugs + wires, Fuel filter, and air filter. I’ve heard talk about it being the cats but they are relatively new and got no codes, and help would be very appreciated!

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Run a scanner and check if:
- changing from open loop to closed loop
- check o2 readings and confirm if STFT and LTFT are in spec
- check temp readings

may have a stuck injector. So a fuel pressure leak down test, should hold pressure for a bit after key off. If not, injector could be leaking. (Also, could have led to cat failure as fuel would end up on cat)

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No cap and rotor.  It has ignition coil packs. 

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Would I need a high end scanner for that open loop test, and turns out I was wrong the one cat is bad and I think there’s nothing left inside, oops. Got told a misfire is making my cats burn up. Appreciate the help I’ll get on that ASAP 

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    • By DenaliX14
      Hey All, 
      I've had a lot of folks ask me about installing my new driveshaft. I will link the thread for the high HP driveshaft. Here is how to remove and install a driveshaft for GM 1500 Trucks. Hope this helps.
      1. Raise the rear of the vehicle and support it securely on jack stands and block the front wheels. Or use a lift. 
      2. Place the transmission in Neutral with the parking break OFF.
      3. Important** Make a reference mark on the driveshaft and the Pinion flange (if keeping original driveshaft) in line with each other. 

      4. Remove the rear universal joint bolts and retainers. Rotate the shaft in the most convenient way as to not allow the shaft to spin. Try inserting a screwdriver in the shaft yoke to keep the shaft steady.

      5.For Two piece shafts remove the fasteners from the center support bearing. 
      6. On ALL models, tape the bearing caps to the universal join to prevent the caps from coming off during removal 
      7. Lower the rear of the shaft and slide the front of the shaft out of the transmission or transfer case. 
      8. cover the transfer case or transmission with plastic wrap or plastic bag to decrease fluid loss or contamination.  DONE!!
      1. Assuming the oil seal is in good shape slide the front of the driveshaft into the transmission or transfer case.
      1.2. On models with two piece shafts raise the center support bearing into position, install the fasteners and torque to 30 FT-Lbs
      2. Raise the rear of the drive shaft into position (make sure to align your marks if reusing your current shaft), install the fasteners and tighten to 18 ft-lbs
      3. Install the clamps and bolts. Tighten all bolts to 18 ft-lbs.  
      **FYI The yoke bolts are 118 ft-lbs. 
      Here is a video from youtube that may help too. 
      Here is my post about an upgraded driveshaft, 1,200 Hp and 8,300 torque. 
    • By Kovah
      I have a grant steering wheel assembly, but I need more insight on how to install.  Watched a bunch of videos but couldn't find a good one for what I doing.
    • By ShortyMatt
      Greetings.  New guy here, so please freely call me out an any forum missteps. 
      I started out with a base model 2018 GMC Sierra 4wd, regular cab, standard bed.  It has a snow plow package and 3.42 gears.  Onyx Black.  No frills.  I'll try and remember the order in which I did everything.  All work do date has been done in my driveway, which I'm reasonably proud of because I work a job where I mostly send emails and sit in meetings.
      -- Debadging happened the first day of ownership... just my thing, costs nothing.
      -- Blacked out my front badge with with plasti dip
      -- Removed the air dam
      -- Cover King carpeted dash mat added, in the color of 'wine'. 
      -- Cover King saddle blanket seat covers added in wine/whiteish....  returned after about a month because they were coming apart at the seams in a quite literal sense.  Back to my grey cloth seats.
      -- Added a Rough Country 2 inch level (those cheap spacer things that are shaped like 'C'
      -- Brow tint on the windshield and multiple layers of Collinite way done by Motoring Images in Lee NH (ok, this wasn't in my driveway)
      -- Airaid modular intake and filter added.  Sounds great, I'm a fan.
      -- Borla ATAK cat back system with polished tips.  Sounds wonderful.
      -- Diablo Intune3 handheld tuner, custom (non dyno, remote) tuned further for 91+ and some extra oomph by Lew.
      -- Mudflaps installed and ultimately removed because they were the no drill kind and drilling would have helped from losing one in a carwash or who knows where, so those are gone.

    • By 18LonestarZ71
      Starting off I am sure there are threads that answer these questions but I had trouble finding answers, and it’s my first time lifting a truck so trying to be thorough.
      So I have my 2018 1500 Z71 CCSB that once my warranty runs out I plan to lift it, leaving stock till that day, I’ve been looking at BDS lifts and Zone, the 6” and 6.5” is the height I want to go with. Zone’s 6.5” kit from what I’ve learned is a maxed out 4.5” kit basically. BDS 6” has either the coil over package or the strut spacer package I believe, I have stamped steel control arms for UCA, LCA I can’t remember exactly and will check when I get home. My questions are based toward the BDS option as I do not want to use the zone unless I have to
      My questions are is it worth it to get the coil over system vs the kit without coil overs, because that’s almost 1700$ more?
      What kind of installation costs is it typically for a installation?
      Has anyone had issues since they installed their kit?
      if I go with the coil overs, should I do the base set  of coilovers or the ones with DSC?
      Id like to have 4WP install the kit so I could have their warranty on the install along with the BDS lifetime warranty, but not sure if they would do the install (I haven’t called them to see about this yet) 
      I’m going to use the custom offsets site to see what wheel/tire combos I can run but if y’all have pictures that would be awesome to see to get a ballpark
    • By DenaliX14
      Hey guys just wanted to share tis bit of info that I was able to find. It was difficult locating a driveshaft for a 14+ GM 1500 so I hope this helps. 
      After spending tons of time trying to find a less complicated way to upgrade my DS I visited alldrivelines.com (referral from a member) and saw the 800hp rated 2 piece shaft. I called to verify compatibility and was let down by the rep. It is not user friendly for the 4x4's. 
      However, after asking me some great questions Shelby @ Alldrivelines  (661) 633-2303 simply said why don't you get our 1,200hp rated driveshaft for the 14+ GM 1500.. I said ..."wait huh". Tell me more. This is currently not listed on the website.  
      It is a 5" 6061 Aluminum shaft with a .125 wall thickness. It is rated for over 1,200 HP and 7,300 ft tq. She can get the correct size for other models too (bespoke).
      I'm running the following with a Stock Trans/Transfer Case and ride hight. 
      Make: GMC Model: Sierra 1500 Denali Drive: AWD/4WD Loc: Rear Bed: 5'9" Chassis: 143.5"WB Doors: 4 Door  
      After some negotiating it ended up being $580 SHIPPED from CA to MA!!!.  (She also suggested the upgraded billet slip yoke rated 1200hp it was an extra $100 so I'm actually $680.00 shipped)**
      Just a heads up folks. If you want a Driveshaft that can handle high speeds, high HP and TQ this is the place to go. Call Alldriveline (661) 633-2303 and ask for Shelby. Mention my last name Melaas and they'll cut you the same deal.
      A 1,200 hp rated shaft with the billet yolk for $680 shipped. I don't get anything for it I just asked if I could refer my friends here for the same deal and she said sure. Very nice Lady. 
      Lastly it is a 2-3 day processing and shipping for me (ca - ma) is about 3-4 days. I should have it next Thursday! I will send pics. 
      PM if you have any questions. 
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