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My 2018 GMC Sierra SLT with e-Assist stutters intermittently when cold and backing up with foot applying lite pressure to the brake. It also does this at times when going forward. It has 14K miles but it has done this since about 3K miles. I finally took it in for diagnosis today. They were able to reproduce the problem.  They scratched their heads for a while before concluding that the brake pads and rotors were glazed.  This seems unlikely and I would appreciate learning if others have experienced this problem and how it was resolved. I am thinking it’s a problem with the e-assist trying to decide to stop the engine or not.

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My e assist I have 4K on, bought new in May with 400 miles. It definitely has some weird tendencies when going very slow. Nothing else seems to bother it, I will be looking into it shortly with the head mechanic at my dealer to see what he thinks. They are friends of mine, should be interesting, 

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