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Check engine light, P1005, PIT5636

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Well, I knew I was in for something when my remote start didn’t work this morning... Had a check engine light on. Busted out my scanner and found a P1005 code.


Found TSB for it here:




Unless the TSB has been updated recently, it looks like all they do is clear it anyway, so I just cleared it myself. Dealer is 30 minutes each way and I don’t have the time to waste if there’s no real problem or fix for it.


So far so good. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue before, and what your experience was with it. I don’t really remember seeing it mentioned on the forum at all...


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Just returned from the dealer after having a similar problem on my 2019 AT4. Mine is\was a bit different in that I had noticed it doing a hard misfire (not recorded in ODB) at stop lights. Putting it in gear, holding the brake and running the RPM's up to 1,000 and it started having a very noticeable missing. Five minutes later I got a check engine light. Connected my reader and found code P1005. Took it to the dealer and they cleared the code per PIT5636 (which came out in October of 2018 and there is not yet a fix) and sent me out the door saying if a fix came in they would call. 




Now granted this just started on this truck but no fix since October 2018? I don't know about the rest of you but I'm not going to accept a 65K sticker price AND an engine that has a profound miss. If any of the GM folks who watch this forum have any advise on how I can go about getting this corrected it would be greatly appreciated. 



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All I can say is in 7k miles the light has not come back since I cleared it and never had any ill effects. It doesn’t seem to be widespread, hence the lack of response on this thread and lack of update on the TSB.

Unfortunately with these bugs you can’t really worry too much about them unless they persist. We’re driving giant computers, pretty much.

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Just had this hit yesterday, coming out of a field after doing some work in the deer woods.


was still on on the way to little league and then off on the way home. Seems to be running ok now.


less thank 10k on my 19

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