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Wondering what the groups thoughts are on  tires are for these trucks. I like the looks of the GY Duratracs on the new zr2 trucks but anyone I see who has them say they are very loud on the Hwy.

I have  always been partial to Toyo At tires and have always had very good luck with them on my big trucks. Truck is completely stock and I have no plans to change that. (2009 Canyon SLE 4X4 5.3)


Thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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I wouldn't say that Duratracs are any noisier than the Toyo AT's.  Depends on the truck.  The Duratracs are not that noisy on a new Ram Rebel--maybe that truck has more insulation.  But the Duratracs do have good traction.  The new Hankook AT2's or Bridgestone Revo 3's would be quieter on the highway, but not as good in the mud.  The GY Wrangler Fortitude HT's comes stock on the new Canyons, but I wouldn't call it an all-terrain tire; it's a highway all-season tire.  

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For being what they are, the Duratrac is rather tame.  Sure, its going to make more noise than a Bridgestone Dueler RHS, or Wrangler SRA, etc.  Its totally tolerable IMO though, having owned 3 sets now.  Keep them rotated and they will not get louder.  Once you go too far and they feather/chop, the noise will grow.  

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