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2014 - 2018 Silverado 1500 parts for sale (Orlando)

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I have some items/ parts I no longer require or desire. Would love to get them out of my garage. 


Everything is off a 2016 Silverado 1500 Z71 LT Crew Cab Short Bed.


- Bed caps 


- Headlights (no harness) 











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- Taillights (with harnesses)


- OEM GM Running Boards 


- Front Emblem / Bowtie


- Lighting Harness (GM 84082072)


- Black Toolbox (currently no images, will update)








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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, HeySkippyDog said:

Aren't those 2016-18 headlights? emoji848.png

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Yes, I know some with 14/15 may want to do a frontend swap / conversion. 


Edit: just realized I put my vehicle as 2015... my mistake. Used to typing that year because of my Genesis Coupe. Thank you

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    • By Blake Snow
      Looking to purchase a center console. Needs to fit 2014 Silverado. It Doesn’t have to be in perfect condition. But not in pieces either. 
      Shoot me a PM or email if you need to contact. 
      Email: [email protected]
    • By ShortyMatt
      Greetings.  New guy here, so please freely call me out an any forum missteps. 
      I started out with a base model 2018 GMC Sierra 4wd, regular cab, standard bed.  It has a snow plow package and 3.42 gears.  Onyx Black.  No frills.  I'll try and remember the order in which I did everything.  All work do date has been done in my driveway, which I'm reasonably proud of because I work a job where I mostly send emails and sit in meetings.
      -- Debadging happened the first day of ownership... just my thing, costs nothing.
      -- Blacked out my front badge with with plasti dip
      -- Removed the air dam
      -- Cover King carpeted dash mat added, in the color of 'wine'. 
      -- Cover King saddle blanket seat covers added in wine/whiteish....  returned after about a month because they were coming apart at the seams in a quite literal sense.  Back to my grey cloth seats.
      -- Added a Rough Country 2 inch level (those cheap spacer things that are shaped like 'C'
      -- Brow tint on the windshield and multiple layers of Collinite way done by Motoring Images in Lee NH (ok, this wasn't in my driveway)
      -- Airaid modular intake and filter added.  Sounds great, I'm a fan.
      -- Borla ATAK cat back system with polished tips.  Sounds wonderful.
      -- Diablo Intune3 handheld tuner, custom (non dyno, remote) tuned further for 91+ and some extra oomph by Lew.
      -- Mudflaps installed and ultimately removed because they were the no drill kind and drilling would have helped from losing one in a carwash or who knows where, so those are gone.

    • By Apprentice345
      Hi everyone,
      So since my purchase of a 2016 Silverado 1500 in May the main problem I've had with the truck is its inconsistent ride quality. The truck is a WT with power windows and locks. Cloth seats. And vinyl floor.
      The truck only has 27000 miles, well kept and maintained. Used as a commuter truck to work, aswell as work on the side (Electrician). Truck was purchased with only 22000 miles on it. No issues other than leaking pinion seal which is in the process of being fixed. 
      At first I thought it was the tires so I had them balanced, rotated, and had an alignment done. While that helped it didnt fix the issue at hand which is how hard this truck drives
      It's a very uncomfortable ride at all speeds. Even on freshly paved highways and roads it still drives rough. What defines "rough" is the hitting of minor bumps. It can be just an ever so slight crack in the road to minor pits. I've done some testing and drove another vehicle (An f-150) down those same roads and had no where near as much of a impact and hit as my own truck. Now it's not a major impact like hitting something that you really shouldnt. But it's very unsettling and jarring at times as you would be driving the same roads you have been for years in different vehicles, and when you least expect it feel a nice jolt in your back when you usually wouldnt. 
      If you need more understanding, put a handful of change in the compartment under the AC controls and drive around.
      I was wondering if it has anything to do with the stock suspension that comes along with the truck. Should I try out new shocks? Is there anything else I should try? I have no clue what to do and where to start but driving 45 minutes to work with the truck makes my back hurt as much as after an 8 hour day of work. 
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