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DTCs P0097 P00F4 P2199. 2017 Silverado LT 2wd CC


So we had some major rain Saturday as I was driving to work. Everything was normal on the drive in. After work, as I normally do, I remote started my truck, only to find out it hadn’t started. I started up my truck with no issues but the CEL was on.

DTCs P0098 P00F4 P2199 popped up on my diagnostics on my head unit (Alpine restyle).

For home, the truck seemed to run fine except when I parked on my inclined driveway started to idle funny.

Looked up the codes, they show to be for the air intake sensor/maf combo unit. Tore apart the intake, inspected the maf, no issues, water, etc found, everything looks clean. Looked at plug and wiring harness, no noteable issues found.

Upon further inspection, I found a plug hanging underneath on the drivers side at the frame right in the middle of the driver front and rear doors. It isn’t used bc it has a dummy cap but I’m assuming it’s for either transfer case or does fuel, neither of which I have. The sheathing has been pulled back and the cooper wire was showing on multiple wires. I fixed the wiring but still have the double codes. Ive reset through the head unit which I’m able to do with the Alpine as well as pulled the negative several times and the codes are still there. The only difference now is that the truck runs fine and doesn’t idle funny or stutter.

I’ve looked for schematics, etc and haven’t come up with much to help me troubleshoot. I have ordered a new air intake sensor, just in case, but I’m not sure that’s the issue.


Any help, advice, schematics would be greatly appreciated.IMG_3775.jpg



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