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Have you always driven a truck?

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Funny story movario,


When the first GM 6.5L turbo truck the US military possessed in Europe...I  got to drive it down the autobahn for a military urgency.


Blew every seal on the motor. Guess they werent made to cruise over a 100mph for quite some time.


The 6.2L diesels were dying on European diesel. Too dry. Would die unless you poured water on the injection pumps. Mechanics learned quick to throw some 10 weight oil in the fuel tank to kick them out the door.


It’s gotta suck running a Tier 3 emissions vehicle in Europe with their crappy fuel. Start ordering Catalytic Convertors...yer gonna need them.

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Pretty much.  Started my driving career in an S-10 (by todays standards that a car lol).  Owned a 2000 impala for a short time but my wife mainly drove that.  Have also owned 2 camaros but they are/were weekend cars.  

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A lot of cool stories here guys. Always interesting to hear these sorts of things. 

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Learned to drive in mom's 53 Ford Crestline. My first car was a 65 Ford Custom then a 66 Custom 500. I was way more into motorcycles. Triumph, Norton then Honda and Harley. Had my Corvette and a string of Mustangs. 64 Malibu SS and a Caprice wagon...more kids. Six and two dogs. No such thing as a quad cab at that time. Even had a Gremlin. Good car. Kids gone and Honda, Toyota, Mazda. More Mustangs.  For work, it was a different story. Trucks, Vans, Semi (Yard Dog) . 9 yard Cat End Loaders. Boss says can't you drive this? Sir I can drive the box it came in.  


Pepper is my fist personal truck and likely my last. Unless I can find a clean original 30-40 ish Chevy, Ford, Studebaker or International half ton. 

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My first car was a '95 Ford Escort LX Sedan,

I was a very STUPID young kid who listened to his other young dumb friend who showed me how to do neutral drop burnouts in my car... I worked my @ss off and saved up for 3+ years to buy that car for $2500 and it was a cream puff of a car and that all went up in smoke when the transmission exploded on me one day driving down the road... I had a very generous grandfather who GAVE me $3000 to buy another car..

Second car was  '95 Taurus LX Sport (most of the SHO stuff except for the motor)

Liked that car quite a bit and took much better care of it but, had the main coolant supply hose blow apart on the highway and it seized up the motor... My dad bought a beater for me to use '88 Ford Taurus and I drove that for about a year and saved up to buy car #3:

Third car was a '98 Ford Escort ZX2

Kept that for about 4 years - it was pretty decent but, a money pit for the most part..

After that:


'08 Mazda 3

'11 Mazda 3

'14 GMC Sierra Double Cab

'16 Chevy Silverado Double Cab

'17 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab

'16 Chevy Silverado Double Cab (same exact truck as the first Silverado same VIN)


Can't imagine driving a midsize truck again let alone a car... Got the wife a 2018 Equinox and I can't say a miss driving a car one bit..

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