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18 hours ago, whaler said:

I have a 16 Denali 6.2 that is a daily driver. Thinking about a tune. Friend of mine has the I3 tune and has offered it to me.
After reading through these posts I am wondering what would be best? My truck is stock. No interest in CAI or cams and etc. Just looking for a little wake up. Any suggestions please? Thank you

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Diablo tuner and Diablew tune. There's more expensive options that you won't be able to notice a difference. 


I don't understand how people are getting butthurt about the build quality of a tuner. You use it once and throw it in the closet, it's just the vehicle to get the programming into the truck. Has no bearing on the performance of the tune once its in there. 

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On 5/18/2019 at 8:46 AM, Hillwood said:

Before you throw it out,  I'll gladly take it and pay the shipping. 😊

Check your DM


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