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That Went By Fast! GMC Shines Spotlight On Sierra Updates For 2020

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If you look GMC has added many improvments. Many field people are somewhat upset on these "newer fangled" items. Well field workers, IF you look carefully you WILL see many retirees (silver hair) pullin, yanking 5th wheels, not to mention those pro cow persons. They all want top end trucks with new fangled items. Long hauls and long loads. Granted those workers with welding rigs dont have a bed and build one on. But to get the "Newer and elevated price increase" you have to market a) more HP,  and or b) sorta video cameras for those 5th wheelers and cow trailers. Also those are the one who usually afford to buy new rigs and higher possibility they turn in and buy new every x years and don't hold on to them. Cheaper in long run to turn in before tires are worn, additional higher milage kick in. One more very important thing, don't price yourself (GM) out of the market. Early high price burns those early production sales to late sales or jump for 2 to 3 years to a brand "X" truck.



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I don’t see anything to make me wish I had waited a year for a 2020 GMC Truck which is what I thought I was going to read about in this thread. Certainly nothing to make me want to trade my 2019 GMC truck in either, not even the highly limited production (less than 20,000 to be made in the first run) carbon fiber bed option and then only on certain AT4 and Denali models to start. I guess what I don’t get is the RAM truck fanboism wanting for a screen larger than my iPad I am typing on now imbedded permanently into their dash. I also use a smaller screen on my iPhone as I already have a tablet. The first of this month rented a 2019 RAM truck for a week long business trip, after I got used to twisting a knob on the dash just to the right of the steering wheel to shift from P to R to D, etc, I starting trying to enjoy the ginormous screen, of course it was just one swipe less to see all of my icons and a bigger map to navigate (what the hell did we do without these) and realized I hated how big and bright the thing was that lit up my entire crew cab cabin and was. “Huuuge” distraction to watching the road as I had to drive for 3 hours the first night I had the truck. I found it much less distracting the next day and eventually got used to twisting a knob to shift gears, but I prefer a shifter still, however I am sure I could get used to a classy push button electronic transmission, I hated the twist knob each day, but give me a shifter or nice push buttons any day and I will be happier. I found nothing “more luxurious” than my Sierra Denali interior and actually prefer its looks and layout as I did when I test drove both a few months earlier. Sorry, anyone who says the Chevy looks same as GMC has not looked at both, that is just no longer true. I had a F-150 as a company vehicle with similar features to each such as leather seats, V8, and similar safety features. I chose the Sierra over every other truck out there with lots of experience in all but the RAM which got horrible gas mileage by the way during my week long experiment to see if I had missed something, I had not and do not prefer anything about it. Back to GMC trucks please, I bet I have sold a dozen of them for GMC by showing off my tailgate. Not one person I showed it too had ever seen one in person and all were impressed with its ProGrade quality (LOL) and said they wanted one and that was way more interesting than the plethora of safety features my truck came with although all loved the heads up display as I do. I am a new GMC fanboy all over again. Please stop texting and driving folks! Be safe! Happy Memorial Day! Peace. 


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