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2016 1500 towing flatbed trailer?

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Hello, we have a 2016 1500 with the reg. cab, long bed, 5.3 w/ 3.42 gears.  As soon as we got it we realized we need to get a trailer.  My pap (he bought the truck-  I hoped he was gonna get a 2500)  wants to get a 16-18' deckover trailer about 2700# empty.  How would the truck pull it? Any way to maybe keep it from sagging (as I feel would happen) like a weight distribution kit? It would be hauling farm equipment (nothing terribly heavy).  We're pretty new to towing/hauling here on the farm. Also, can these trucks pull a gooseneck?  I've seen a few places that say you can but I'm a bit skeptical.   TIA

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Read your owners manual and perhaps the stickers in the door jam of the truck.  It has all kinds of info on towing with your truck.


I don't think your truck has the capacity to make using a gooseneck trailer worthwhile (those style trailers tend to be more expensive, and there's not much point in using them, if the truck can't handle towing the trailer when loaded).  Now, you can put that setup on the truck, and tow a gooseneck, but you likely will find that you won't be able to load as much material/equipment on the trailer [vs a bumper-pull] because the trailer itself weighs much more relative to a bumper-pull trailer with an appropriate weight rating for your truck.


Your truck will need (depending on what options it was built with or has been installed since then)

-a trailer brake controller (you may have gm's integrated TBC, or not, depending on what options your truck has)

-a hitch

-7-way harness plug for the trailer, wired with support for brakes

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