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I'll start by saying ive been searching this site for years. Great data base! Today is the first time ive needed My own thread, sadly. So, here goes after searching since 10pm lastnight across all platforms. Please accept my gratitude for even reading this post! 



2003 GMC Sierra 1500HD - Quadrasteer SLE 


Ive been loosing fuel pumps back to back for the last 6+ months. They lose pressure and i start getting random missfire. Before putting in my fourth pump and lighting the fuse to number five.  I decided to go after all the grounds on the truck clean them up and attmept to see if its a fator. I moved a 1/0 ground that is for a stereo i never even use. 


This 1/0 ground was to body and on its own top post. I moved it to frame -cause?? Maybe?? IDK.


All grounds were done the same. Remove, clean rings and mounts to clean bear metals, dielectric greased well and remounted in factory locations.


Two at alternator bracket 

Four at body mount below drivers door


Checked single behind passenger side head to harness at intake, fine left alone.


Didnt touch factory negative to block- (yet) 


Went to start truck to pull further into garage and close door as the GD mosquitos were coming in. 


Fuel pump started to cycle and all hell broke loose!!! Relay started buzzing LOUD could near feel the flutter. Never attempted to start it.  Cycled it off to on and relay just flipped out no fuel cycle at all. Attempted to start - nothing- no attmept to crank at all. Removed frame to batt ground, no change. Died a little inside but didnt raid the liquor cabinet. 



Pulled starter relay and attmepted to get a crank, nothing.... 


Notations: The TB butterfly seams to be clamping down -loud- at key on. 

Headlight auto settings are doing a different pattern off at key off, come back on in a few moments, then turn off when the relay kills the full truck. However never paid attention to their normal operation just know they never binked off on berfore. 


Not sure if OBD port is dead. Tuner not turning on but it never did till truck was running before. Been using it as a code reader/monitor up till this point. So, as of this moment no codes read..


Any ideas? 





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Its running! Still not left my garage bay. Not really sure what the cause was. I just stayed on course with going through every ground on the truck and gave it a new battery. My yellow top Optima had been killed a few times and i know that batt tech does not like to come back from death, ever. Will load test old cell before i give it up for core. Volt meter had it at 12.3 but that means nothing. 

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On 6/4/2019 at 5:49 PM, riverbanks said:

Any luck? ground and power same,got to have the flow,what about taking jumper cables from bat neg to frame,and or the ground on box mount near fuel filler,2 there,pump and rear lights

I have even more back there (quadrasteer) found 3 grounded above spare tire carrier. Have a major strap rotted out at Quadrasteer puter itself. Pulled it back out of the harness till "bright" again. Not fixed it yet. Trying to guess what gage wire to use... thinking 6 ~srug~ 

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