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Power steering doesnt work turning left 04 silverado

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Hello, Ive been having an issue with my 2004 Silverado over the last few months where its stopped turning left with power assistance at lower speeds. It turns right just fine. The issue started after having my transmission rebuilt, although I dont see how the issues could possibly be related. The steering was stiff after the rebuild, then intermittent, and finally went out for left hand turns. I have replaced the left side control arms, tie rod, and hub and bearing assembly. I flushed the system to no avail as well. I did notice while the truck is off the ground the wheel turn fine both ways. If its lifted on the left side, it also turns fine. I should note the pump does whine when I attempt to turn left, but not right. The pump makes no whining noise when the vehicle is jacked up and the wheel can be turned lock to lock. So, is the steering gear shot, is it the pump, high pressure line.. what?

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How do the brakes feel?  They also feel good (ie, have a decent power assist)?


If so (brakes have power assist, and you have power assist turning right), I would guess somethings up with the steering gear.

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