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Best tonneau and why?

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On 9/26/2019 at 9:43 PM, Ezekiel2517 said:

+1 for gator.  I got mine open box on amazon for $175.  Easy installation.  No problems with flapping or power tailgate.  Watertight through the tropical storm last week.  I prefer soft tonneau.  They cover just fine and roll up totally out of the way when u dont want them there.  spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png


Had an Access soft tonneau on 2014 and truck before that.   They held up well.  I like the lever on the gator more than the silly pull strap on the access though

After using the gator for a year and a half I'm not sure i still love it. Its a solid cover when it's closed.  And it holds up well to weather.  I drove in 40 mph crosswinds and it stayed closed well without the velcro ripping open.  



When it gets warm its like a wet noodle and rolls up crooked and likes to fall inside the rails.  Its not near as sturdy as the access tonnea was in this regard.   Also the latch being only of the left side is a huge pain in the ass when a trailer is connected.  Finally, the access could be closed with the tailgate closed but the gator requires the tailgate to be opened first.  All In all its an okay tonnea but I would probably bay a little more for a different brand next time. 

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I ended up with the RetraxOne XR that I got on blackfriday for $1160 shipped.  Standard Bed (6'7")

I absolutely love it.  Goes through carwash fine, protected stuff during blizzards, I have driven nearly 4k miles since I got it chasing snowstorms and its worked amazing in -20 degrees, rain, snow, etc.  Very happy with it.  

I plan on getting crossbar system and bike rack stuff sometime before April since I have a big family camping trip to the grand canyon planned.  

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On 12/30/2020 at 4:46 PM, LNBright said:

I originally posted this in the tonneau/multipro-tailgate thread, but seems like it'd be useful to put in this thread to have it all together...


I have an AT4 crew cab with the MultiPro tailgate, and I have an Extang 2.0 Signature tonneau, a soft tri-fold type.  My previous Sierra, I'd just throw a tarp over everything, decided I'd at least try out a tonneau with my new Sierra.  Overall, I've liked it.  Installation was included, so I didn't install it myself, but I watched and talked about it w/ him as he installed it, explaining various things about them to me.  It's a tri-fold, but it doesn't lift up against the cab's back window, it stacks into the 3rd segment's position against the cab: if you need the whole bed exposed, you'd have to remove it.  Has been a 'little' hassle once, but, it was easier to deal with not having the entire bed open than it was to bother to remove it.  

So, here's the thing about it, in conjunction w/ the multipro tailgate: the whole tailgate opens fine with the tonneau in place.  The tailgate will close fine, if you’re closing the ‘whole’ tailgate.   If you drop the inner tailgate, that's fine too.  The crux of the problem is, closing the inner tailgate with the tonneau latched closed:  the entire tailgate will close with the tonneau in place but the inner tailgate's arc is a little higher, and collides with the tonneau. You have to reach in and unlatch the tonneau so you can flip it open so you can first close the inner tailgate, *then* open the entire tailgate, latch the tonneau back into place, then close the entire tailgate.   You would think, if you have the tonneau in place and the inner tailgate open and the main tailgate closed, that, if you couldn’t just close the inner tailgate (as you would think you should be able to), then it should be easier to open the entire tailgate, close the inner, then close the entire tailgate:  however, if you have the main tailgate closed with the inner tailgate open, it doesn’t let you then open the entire tailgate until the inner is closed.    A bit of a nuisance, but, I can put up with it.  

I have an AT4 with the multi pro gate and  an Extang 2.0. I do not have any issue closing either gate with the cover latched. You might have the "latches" too tight. They can be loosened by unscrewing the handles a few turns.

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21 minutes ago, Jac365 said:

I have an AT4 with the multi pro gate and  an Extang 2.0. I do not have any issue closing either gate with the cover latched. You might have the "latches" too tight. They can be loosened by unscrewing the handles a few turns.

I will admit, after the shop installed it, I haven’t done anything other than open and close it as-is, have not removed it nor attempted adjusting the latches.   I can definitely give that a try, see if I can tweak it to where the inner portion could close...  that would be a help...thx for the suggestion...

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On 2/25/2020 at 1:40 PM, Chris Callanan said:

I like mine...   I like the look of the coating - you can still see the fold seams but they aren't hugely pronounced. It isn't 100% water tight, a bit of water gets inside the bed, but then again, the tailgate isn't 100% sealed either.  Only issue I've had was out of the box 1 of the clips to hold the support rods up was broken. I called them and they send a whole bag of them... apparently they break a lot. It's a pretty weak part...  

The rest of it is great, no issues at all.

Hey i am in the market for a cover and like this one. Any updates on performance/durability? 



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This is my 3rd "American Roll Cover" by Truck Covers USA. Never had an issue with any of them... no noise, leaks, fading, etc.


I will add that I get them installed at the factory and that may have something to do with the trouble-free operation... I hear its not brain surgery, but proper alignment is key. 




*pic is not my truck, still waiting on my cover due to covid delays... uggghhhh


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I know this is an older thread but figured I would share my option. I will say that a few of the tonneau cover companies in this thread either aren’t available or so far back ordered right now still because of covid. 
I went with the A.R.E. Fusion. I stumbled across it when making my searches and really liked the painted panels instead of the different black painted/textured/matte/gloss options. I installed it in less that 30 minutes with a helper. I ha rained everyday this week and it hasn’t leaked from either driving or being parked in rain. I didn’t see this posted so I wanted to share mine. If I run into issues down the road I will come back and update also. 


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FYI - I have the Carbon Pro bed.  Not many options for tonneau's.  I've had Backflip before on a previous truck and their MX4 is supposed to fit.  On May 11, I called in and talked to a live order person.  He said it should ship "by end of the month".  After we hung up, I got the order confirmation and a subsequent email stating the cover will ship June 9-14.  I recently asked for an update and they are guiding end of June.  


I understand many things are delayed, but really disappointing this feels like misleading customers or maybe they have no idea what they are doing.  

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