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UPR 4th of July 10% off Special on all Catch Can Systems.

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Just a heads up with catch cans in cold weather.


1.) Drain them immediately after your done driving for the day while the contents are still warm and will flow out.

2.) Make sure you catch can system is mounted close to the engine or exhaust so it operates at engine temps or close.

3.) Most important is not to mount catch can far away from engine heat and make sure the can is designed to coalesce efficiently in heat.

4.) Some people even run a cloth winter sock on the catch can or wrap them to keep them warm and insulated.

5.) Never leave the contents in the can from the day before in freezing weather or can blow a seal or vc gasket if its overfull.


UPR Catch Cans are designed to run in the hottest locations and weather and coalesce properly in that environment 

so you will never experience any of the above issues with a UPR Catch Can if you follow the simple steps.


Just wanted to share. 


Everyone grab you UPR Catch Can Systems while the 4th Of July Sale is running and you can see the code in 

the image below or on the rotating banners of the UPR Website homepage.


10% OFF CODE: USA2019


Thank you and have a happy and safe 4th of July!



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