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Post your T1 wheel/tire setup

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2 hours ago, lapoolboy said:

Hope they aren't the Open Country R/T....I ran them on my 2017 and they were the loudest, most obnoxious tire I've ever ran...bar none.

Interesting, I just put a set on from the stock Good years and they are way quieter than the Good years. Don't really even hear them until I'm like going 70 & I have no music playing. Maybe they've updated them




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I know the K2 guys have one of these threads so I figured we should too. Think it’d be useful for others. Post pics of your setup! Make sure to add specs of the wheels/tires, spacers, suspension, rubb

Method NV 305 18x9 -12 Offset Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx 295/70/18 1.5 Level (Trailboss) Slight Rub on mudflap on full lock.   

- Fuel Coupler 20x10 -18 offset - Nitto Trail Grapplers 35x12.5R20 - BDS 6 in lift   no rubbing at all

Posted Images

Put on new shoes about 500 miles ago. Just getting around to posting.


Venomrex 603 20x9 wheels with 0 offset in carbon graphite.

Continental terrain contact ht 275/60R20 tires.


Just a little poke, good looking stance. I feel like my turning radius is bigger (worse) but bigger, wider and more offset will do that.


I get a little touch of rub on the front in reverse on the passenger side which still has the mud flap. Drivers side is off from when I tried on some flares.


I went from the stock 265/60R18 tires and wheels. I’ve noticed almost a 10% loss in fuel mileage which is surprising. I did have the truck reprogrammed for the bigger tires and yes it’s a little larger and wider but also going to an all season vs the stock all terrain wrangler fortitude. I expected a little loss but not this much.


I’m back at the tire shop getting rebalanced now. Had a little vibration at highway speed. Going with a bit more air pressure also to see if that helps with mpg also.


Overall a much better look, fills out the wheel wells perfectly. I’ll put bilsten or fox shocks on the front soon and level it which should get rid of the rub. Also planning to try another fender flare soon.









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On 3/24/2021 at 10:45 PM, Thejet07 said:

The toyo open country at3 are the ones I’m looking at. I’m assuming they are the regular ones. They are snowflake rated now which is what got me interested in them. They are around the same price as the falkens which is making it very difficult for my indecisive self to decide. Do you feel the added weight difference has made an impact in any way? I believe the toyos are 8 lbs lighter making it more appealing



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I am running the toyo AT3 And the 285 /70  R17. I have about 700 or so kilometres on them. I ran the AT2 and really liked them on a previous unit . Obviously time will tell for wear,  however what I have experienced so far I really like.  I was torn between these, Discovery and the Falkens. My truck came stock with the 18 inch Dura tracks and I absolutely hated those tires. Different strokes but I felt like I was driving a Haywagon and the noise was obnoxious. My biggest pet peeve with those was how many rocks they threw out my own vehicle 😱.

The Toyos are much quieter, I can drive down a gravel road without slowing down to a crawl. They have more psi footprint touching the ground at all times, so they do feel a little stiffer. Our winter is just on its way out but have used them in a couple of snow storms and icy/melty and fresh snow conditions, and was not uncomfortable with my decision.

They do not have a very aggressive look due to the fact that they are a squarer profile tire with a heavy tread pattern. But a good milage rating and decent price. 

I guess it really depends on what you’re hoping to get out of your truck and what you’re planning to use it for. I have not seen much Falken Equip vehicles nor was able to ask anybody. When I purchased these there was a toyo rebate so it was kind of win-win. I also got a quote on Nitto Ridgegrapplers same size, Was $89 more per tire for the RGs up in Manitoba. 

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I recently pulled the stock 22" wheels off my Denali and put these 17" Visions on with 285/70 R17 Pathfinders.


I needed more sidewall play and ground contact than I was getting with the LPs in off-road situations and I hate the LP all terrain tires, just a joke.


These Visions are not the best, but they are holding up great. The Pathfinder tires are a dream, really nice responsive ride and very highly weather rated all the way up to snow. They are also very quiet.


I also saw that somebody had pulled their front valence or windscreen to gain some more clearance on the front end. I did that too and I really like the look. Not to mention the legitimate 5" of clearance gained!




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The wheels are Method racing 701’s 17x8.5, 0mm offset 
Tires are Toyo R/T 35x12.5
Eibach suspension

I’m seriously thinking about this setup with different wheels. Which Eibach suspension did you use?

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On 4/18/2021 at 7:22 PM, paxamus said:

I’m seriously thinking about this setup with different wheels. Which Eibach suspension did you use?

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Pro truck

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Just joined the forums here! Just got my 2020 Sierra 1500 Denali and was looking into wheels. No plans to lift and was thinking I would stay with 22s. Question is how wide and what offset. I don't want much if any past the fenders so I'm assuming 9. 5 with 0 offset. Looking for more info so I will know what they will look like when I order. Not much on the off road look with lifts and wide wheels with aggressive stance. Just want up the look a little bit.. I will keep looking thru the thread tho. Thanks guys

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After searching for months and looking through thousands of pictures I finally pulled the trigger on some tires and wheels. I kept the stock tire size 275/65/18 in Toyo Open Country AT3 and went with fuel blitz in 18x9 +1. I will say I have the gm accessory mud flaps and if I would have went any bigger they definitely would have rubbed. Overall I'm happy with the set up. Wanted to keep it factory ride height. I'll post more pictures once I get it cleaned up.20210505_185944.thumb.jpg.b03300f2bcd27ae9087dca59a75f2b8b.jpg



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