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Hello, this will probably be a very strange post, but I really don't know where else to go for help.


My older brother has gone missing in Northern California. This is not a joke in any way. Here is a link to the law enforcement posting on Facebook.


His 2015 GMC Sierra was found on the side of the road a few dozen miles from his home. His truck has an Intellilink interface in it (I believe that's what it is, the big fancy touch screen that comes stock). He never paid for GPS services, but I am wondering if there is any way to pull off a history of where the truck has been driven. The cops won't do it because there is no evidence of a crime being committed so they don't have the legal backing to do such a thing (if that makes sense). Regardless, my brother has been missing for 5 days now and my family is really trying to find out what happened to my brother. We have his truck in our possession. Would anyone be able to help me pull off the navigation history? This might be a huge help in letting us see what happened the hours before he disappeared. Thank you for any help. I apologize if I'm violating forum rules of any kind.

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If the the truck has onboard navigation we may be able to pull the breadcrumbs, can you post the last eight of the VIN so I can see if it does or not? 

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If you can get his Google account credentials, "Google Timeline" will have been tracking him unless he turned it off. It is a rather hidden feature.

This assumes he had his phone on him.

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