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I bought a Blueprint 383 crate motor and it hydro locked after 150 miles over a 4 month period.  They told me right away that because I installed it myself you wouldn't cover labor. Ok, but I had a Chevrolet dealership do the repair work because I didn't know exactly what I was in for.  They started taking apart the motor and discovered that the intake manifold bolts were loose (came with the intake) and the heads were old pieces of junk.  Major signs of electrolysis and multiple pins installed from crack repairs. This is a high 405 hp engine and you shouldn't be using junk heads waiting to fail.  Blueprint kept insisting I overheated the motor and that's why the heads warped.  This motor never overheated!!!  The junk heads that with ELECTROLYSIS and PINS from crack repairs were the cause of this whole thing.  The enormous amount of electrolysis on the head and the loose intake manifold bolts with heat and pressure from normal use caused the intake gasket to leak and let coolant flow.  This was driven for 150 miles over a 4 month period.  Ridiculous!!  Keep in mind I bought this motor because it comes with "NEW CAST IRON VORTEC HEADS"!!!!!!!!  Buyer beware…it doesn't!  Also the cross hatching is gone in the cylinders and they are shining.  How can that be gone in 150 miles. I question if it was ever even honed as they say. I'm surprised this thing held together during the so-called dyno run.  Blueprint gave me the whole rundown on how they air check everything and torque everything, maybe it held together from them but fell apart for me. I bought this motor because I wanted a reputable company to stand behind their product with a warranty.  I didn't want to have some local shop or shade-tree mechanic build one and then have he said/she said issues if a problem would arise.  The joke is on me!  I understand they can't pay out every claim that comes through the door but I am getting the shaft here.  Absolutely depressing and now I am out $2k for labor repairs.  The Chevrolet dealership agrees with me and also is disappointed with Blueprint not standing behind their product. I have gone back and forth with Blueprint Engines on why this motor hydro-locked and get no reasonable resolution.  I would highly recommend buying a motor from someone else.   I watch all these automotive shows with Blueprint sponsorship and advertisements, I was excited and proud to buy my Blueprint motor...not anymore.


Pin 2.JPG

Pin 1.JPG

Electrolysis and Heli-Coil.jpg

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Reached a suitable outcome with Blueprint

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did you send them these pictures, the pitting on the head should have been enough for them to admit they screwed up. 

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Yes I did and have Great News!!  Blueprint has been in contact with me and we came to a resolution that I am absolutely thrilled about.  After discussing the details and explaining the situation that I went through with my new engine, they agreed to pay my repair bill in full.  Blueprint apologized for using the heads to begin with and said they never should have been installed on my engine in the first place.  Along with that, they met with their assembly and quality control teams to make sure that something like this is to never happen again and to use only good quality reman heads for the builds.  Also they met with the retailer who is advertising “New Vortec Heads” for this particular engine and the retailer has since changed the layout to no longer advertise “New” heads.  They were very sympathetic to the whole ordeal and wanted to ensure me that they do stand behind their builds.  I cannot be happier with the outcome and I truly believe now that they do stand behind their product.  They have gone as far as to offer any assistance in the future if some issue would arise.  Again, I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome and couldn’t be happier.  Thank you Blueprint!

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