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Can I make 2017 dash electrical work in my 1995

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Hello GM fam. I'm new here and I'm searching for some advice for my project build. I have the remains of a salvaged '17 GMC. And I was wondering the possibility of making the dash and radio work in my project '95 GMC. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!


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Holy smokes, what a project! Do you have all the modules from the donor? If you grab all the modules, wire harnesses, etc, you should be able to make it work, but I don't think your gauges will talk to your TBI/4l60 setup. Are you swapping drivetrains too?

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Should be fine if you are transplanting the engine, transmission and all the electrical harnesses from your donor to the '95.


Anything less than that, you are in for a world of hurt.  The radio is likely coded to work the ecm (as in, it checks that the ecm vin matches it's own, it does for my '04 Sierra), and the IP is primarily digitally controlled.

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