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2020+ T1 Chevrolet/GMC HD Quick Reference Guide

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I know this is old but mine is LT 2500 crew std box and indeed has 36 gal tank...

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On 9/8/2019 at 9:51 AM, Gecko50 said:

I can not believe that the diesel tanks are 28 gallons for a long bed dually? wow why not the larger tank? I guess those aftermarket tank companies will be making some money.


In the dually, only the reg cab has the 28. Crew dually and double dually get the 36.

Perhaps because the def tank how has to live by the fuel tank, since it isn't under the passenger door anymore. 


Fuel tank size seems to be impacted by both cab length and box length as well as presence of def tank.


Perhaps someone at GM likely figured out that most long distance duallys ran with either double or crew cab -- and both of those have 36 gallon?

Highest tow capacity is the reg cab dually -- are they used more for 'local' work with infrequent longer trips? 


I'm sure there are some that will want to have reg cab and tow long distances that will add additional fuel capacity -- but some would do that even if they were all 36 gallon (or more). 


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Just tried to install 9005 high beams in my 21 3500 wt drw and they didn't work.  H9 were the bulbs installed.

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      Hello all. I own an 18 Silverado 1500 LT , double cab, 6’6” box, 6 spd transmission, I have opted to put 26” status alloy empire wheels with tire size of 305/26/30. Stock transmission gave out. Stock  Transmission went out. They said torque converter and pump went out then everything else went with it. Was able to replace the entire unit with a remanufactured from GM. 1 month later, back to the shop (dealer). They covered the repairs because it was under warranty but if it goes out again they won’t because they believe it is the rims causing the trouble. However they will cover if it goes out with stock wheels. Which I will be putting back on. Has anyone else experienced issues with this type of truck and 26” wheels? I did research the “Unsprung weight” makes some sense, however only the transmission gave out, not my drive shaft, drive shaft knuckles, diff, just the goofy transmission which I know the 8 speed has had their share of ongoing things. How is it that a truck that is capable of towing 9k lbs has issues with no load on 26” rims. Pulling a payload in the bed of the truck and pulling a trailer should still have the same effect. If I can’t tow anything with the truck, then what is the point of a truck. I have went back to stock rims to see what would happen. Anyone with info ,thought , something sketched on a cocktail napkin would be greatly appreciated. I do thank you all for your time on this. I have attached the service ticket to this post. 

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      Finally installed my UPR can and Airaid intake last week and wanted to give some feedback to anyone interested in something similar. Back story is that we bought a 2018 Yukon XL Denali in Dec then had all lifters n cam replaced 2 weeks after due to dreaded tick on engine with 33k miles. As tech said internals are clean, I decided to go with a can to protect investment especially aftering asking tech and service manager about them and its impact on the warranty. They stated as long as warranty claim isn't affected by catch can, there wouldn't be any issue.
      Anyways here's some pics of the installation (plenty of videos are available to walk you through it)
      The UPR kit is well designed for a clean and OEM look.

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      Has anyone ever tried changing the aluminum line to rubber hose crimps for the transmission and oil cooler lines out for AN fittings on and 07-13 Sierra 5.3L? I have a 2013 Sierra and the cold here in Canada isn’t kind to these crimps as I believe the rubber and aluminum have different shrink rates because of difference in material causing them to leak. Replacing them will not solve the problem as the will just do the same thing every year. So what I want to know is if anyone has successfully done this and what fittings did you use?
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      Hey guys, new to the forum.  I have a 2016 Silverado 1500 with the dreaded whine that seems to be the torque converter.  I am almost certain that is what it is.  The only video I’ve found that has the same exact sound is here 
      How hard is it to pull the transmission just to swap out a nee TC?  Does that sound like the TC or the pump? Anything I need to be sure I do?  Truck is still driving fine, but not sure for how long.  Any tips would be appreciated.  Also looking for the best TC that will last.
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      Wondering if it normal for my oil pressure to shoot up with the RPM?
      I have a 4.3L v6 in my Express.
      Proper oil was used?
      What could cause that? 
      Will this become a problem for leaks later? That's what I'm afraid of.
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