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Ceramic coating worth it on light colored truck?

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Dark trucks benefit in looks more but the benefits of Ceramic are much greater then just looks. The best detail shop on the planet can’t make a truck look as good as ceramic and you will never have to wax your truck. No swirl marks new micro scratches, easy to clean. I will never own another car that I don’t have ceramic coated. I don’t mean that crap you buy on the internet. Professionally done with paint  correction. It was VERY expensive and worth it.

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Silver Ice metallic... First time I've had ceramic coating done on any vehicle I've had. Paint correction and ceramic coating done by a professional... 5 years of shine and protection! Took him 2 and a half days to do it which I was fine with after seeing the finished product. 


Like Mountain Boy already said...Worth every penny!!!


The picture doesn't do the shine justice but I'm extremely happy with the end result and 5 years of protection!


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I’ve never done it. My trucks did lots of highway miles. Aside from a few rock chips that I learned to fix myself never saw the need. If I’m going to spend money on anything it’s performance stuff. A few rock chips is part of ownership.

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And they’re not always as bulletproof as advertised across all brands. Like any coating, it’s a sacrificial layer intended to take the abuse rather than your paint taking it. It should have good hydrophobic properties (water beading) & help make the vehicle a bit easier to maintain with washing.

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They do not stop rock chips, they do not prevent water spots, they do not replace proper care or maintenance, they do not prevent dings, dents or scratches and they do not last forever.

Just because your vehicle has undergone the ceramic paint process or treatment it doesn’t mean you no longer need to dust, wash or remove bird droppings. You still do. The difference is that maintaining your paint will require less elbow grease and less time.

My thought is a big waste of money.

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It's twice as hard as your clear coat. It will absolutely make it more scratch RESISTANT. It'll help protect against bird shit, tree sap, acid rain, etc. It has self cleaning abilities because it's so hydrophobic. I have a black truck and it definitely saves me time because I can go longer between washes because the truck doesn't get dirty as quickly

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The short Answer is yes .. We had it don to my bro in laws 08 silverado 3500hd and sweet mother of go it looks GREAT then we drove it to him in OMG Kentucky straight up I 75 got there hosed it off and Poof looked like it was just detailed I was so impressed that when I got home I had my 03 GMC Sierra 2500hd done His truck is a light color Mine is dark metalic gray Both look great Just make sure you find a guy that knows what hes doing  

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Solid advice from others on this thread.  

I however am a cheap Sonuva Bitch so no way would I pay $500+ for paint correction and ceramic coating.  Instead I purchased a Griot's Garage 6 inch DA polisher, Lake Country pads, Meguiar's M105 and 205, and M26 yellow wax, S100 carnuaba wax and recently Finish Kare Hi Temp Paste Wax.  The Finish Kare is actually a sealant and is supposed to last 5-6 months.  

Here is a link to it: 



For less than $20 you will easily get 10+ applications on a full size truck.  Just spread it on very thin or it becomes hard to remove.  As reviews state the can doesn't look like much but will do the job for far less cash.


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