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2 in level kit 295/60/20 on stock rims

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15 hours ago, Ezekiel2517 said:

So 295 is as wide as I've seen on stock rims.  Do you think you could have fit a 305?  That's only 10mm total wider so 5mm more inside.  That's about .2 inches.  Not much.  But every mm matters here.  I've seen on the K2s that folks ran 305/55r20 with a .25" backspacer.  That would offset it to about what you have so that makes sense.


I'm interested in the 305/55r20 because they come in lighter p rated tires, look aggressively wide, but arent too much bigger diameter than stock. 

I had 305-55-20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my 2015 Sierra with a 2 in. level They rubbed slightly at full lock.

I figured the only time I am at full lock was pulling into or out of a parking spot at slow speed. If I was at full lock while driving I would have bigger problems.

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Charles89 not sure on the 2018.  I think it's tougher to get bigger tires on the 2018 because of the shape of the wheel well and the 2019 comes a little higher in the front from the factory.  Worth a shot though.  It will be close.  It's not really that big of a deal if it rubs a little at full lock.  I'm really glad mine didn't rub but if it was a slight rub I would have still put them on.

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Thanks.  I went back to the same shop that put my leveling kit on and spoke to the owner of the shop one last time before I took it to the dealership.  He sent me to another one of his stores that had a more experienced tech and they finally got my steering wheel perfectly centered.  It's like new again.  Make sure you get the leveling kit put on by someone that's experienced with the 2019 or just get it done at the dealership.  I found out later that the dealership would have done the leveling kit for the same price as the shop I got it done at.  I paid 500 for the leveling kit and alignment.  Don't let any shop tell you they can't get it perfectly centered because they can.  I went with the 2 in rough country leveling kit.  It came out perfectly level and rides like factory.

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On 9/16/2019 at 6:29 PM, Satinsteelmetallica said:

I have a 2019 Silverado LT RWD.  Put on a 2in rough country level kit with 295/60/20 Nitro Terra Grappler G2 on the stock rims.  There is no rub at all!  All clear pulling in and out of the driveway and at full lock!  It was close at discount tire when they did the test fit but it worked.  The only issue I have is after my alignment my steering wheel is a little off center to the right.  Not bad but annoying on a brand new truck.  They realigned it 4 times and came close but no luck getting it exactly centered.  I gave up.  The truck drives straight though.


Great truck! Do you mind posting wheel well heights? Thanks!

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So I have a 19 Denali with 22" wheels. I want to level it and run 305/45/22. But I want to use my factory wheels. Does anyone have input to if this will work? I hate going to the shops around here as they all want to sell me tires, wheels, and lifts. I want tires and lift/leveling kit only. Factory tires are 275/50/22 and wheel is 22x9 with 28 offset

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