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If anybody figures out if the radio antenna on the new fugly HDs screws onto the K2 base (and receives signal) let me know. THANKS

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Ok not HD radio... the antenna mass on the new style T1 2020 Heavy Dutys  appears to be shorter in length than the mass on the K2s.


Since no one can agree on a “shorty antenna”  that has equivalent reception to the factory whip I’d like to try the “new one” if the reception is the same since the ball on mine is getting worn thin and I have no interest in cutting down the mass and gluing the ball back on.


Also appears the “new antenna” maybe more substantial so maybe it doesn’t bend as much going down the highway? Might have to go test drive a fugly & see?



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FM/AM antenna length has not changed much if at all in decades, because it is tuned to be 1/4 wavelength across much of the FM band. That's why AM stations sound more staticy if you're not nearby, it's more sensitive to the antenna length reduction because most users listen to FM now.

If the T1 does have a shorter antenna, it's either going to be worse reception of FM or they've got a preamplifier to increase the gain to make up for the shorter length.

Antenna science is what it is, my friend. My K2 antenna is the same length as all the other non-amplified radio setups I've had.

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In simple terms, unless you install a properly set up pre-amp on the antenna, a shorter one is going to be worse reception-wise.

People do still buy shortys, but if you do, be prepared for what that brings. You'll be out of range a lot sooner.

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Yeah I understand how radio frequencies work. I’ve read every thread on here about “shorties”, deleting it, hidden ones, etc and done plenty of internet research on them...


I should have said close to same reception or descent reception or whatever like the factory whip. I’d be content with a 10-25% loss. I don’t get the reviews posted for most “shorties” one guy will claim lives in a mountain valley in the woods and gets stations 200 miles away (yeah right) and next guy says lives on the flattest part of earth parked 250ft away from the stations tower and can’t get it...


I literally only listen to local radio if there’s a college game on, local race, or if there are weather alerts in the area otherwise it’s XM or playlists. So if the “new antenna” works great if not oh well figured it’s worth trying if I can pick one up cheap and it screws on plus it looks better IMO than the current whip.

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