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2019 Infotainment Cameras and More



I'm having big Infotainment System problems with my 2019 GMC Sierra Crew Cab Short Bed SLT +

1- I can set the camera view I want to hole in memory for every time I put the vehicle in reverse and it holds so that I can see the back up camera and the front of the vehicle as it's going to swing.

2- When I try to do this for when I put the car into drive all I can see is the front wheels where they touch the ground.

If I bring up the camera menu I can select front view  BUT it will not hold this in memory.

How can I make it so EVERY TIME I place the car in drive it will show the forward view.

I have a narrow stone wall driveway and need to see the walls.


3- Every time I start the truck the infotainment system comes on differently.

Sometimes it will go straight to navigation set up, other times the audio page.

It makes no difference which window I had up when the truck was turned off.


4- Sometimes when I start up the vehicle I get a BLACK screen and I have to turn the truck off and restart several times to get the system to boot.


I could go on and on about multiple problems with the Infotainment System.

The dealer has updated the software twice already and still no joy.


This is the worst example of automotive technology I've ever owned.

I have a Genesis and an Acura and both have flawless computer systems.

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Your salesman is supposed to make sure you know how to properly use every part of that $80k truck.  Your best source of information on how to configure the entertainment system is the owners manual.  I would be hounding the dealership to at least find out if what you are trying to do is even possible.  There are a lot little things the trucks do that seem stupid, like why can I not have the recirculation setting be saved to on instead of switching back to off when ignition is recycled, same thing as fog lights, same as traction control, etc.  

With there being so many features, and I think the 2019 is a new system(as opposed to a carry-over from 2018), so you are finding two settings.  Review the owners manual and likely the infotainment users guide to see if they can guide you through the maze they call a radio.

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I've read and reread the book ... nothing describes the problems I'm having and the service department manager tells me to hang tight.

They don't even understand it.

I'm now waiting for my 3rd software update which they won't do until my initially defective driver side mirror part comes in.

Each Seirra we tried on the lot responded differently and none of them worked as per the manual.


GMC should never have released this vehicle until they sorted out the massive number of bugs.


Jesus, even my ProTailgate malfunctions.



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GM should have done a day or two of research into how to write software.  The systems are to the point now that manufacturers are going to have to establish a common operating system, and then define a standard to follow.  We already know having multiple operating systems doesn't work.  For decades everyone knew how to start a car.  If you left the key in it, expect it to be gone, unless you lived in Mayberry.  Nowadays you can leave the key in the ignition, the car may start, but if you were hoping to make it passed the first intersection, you were now in "walk home" mode.  

Being 60 I am in a good position to watch this progress.  I am surprised none have gone to Linux based operating system.  I don't recall if Linus Torvalds ever kept his rights to Linux.  Anyways, its just something to consider the future of.  I can see car mechanics having to learn some new operating or just Linux if they are smart.  Figures, I was 30 years too early.  I always thought I was 10 years too late.  Oh well, can't even complain to my makers.

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