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Tail lights stop working when I put my headlights on

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I just recently bought in 1979  Chevy K20 Fleetside. All my lights work until I turn on my headlights then j the brake/turn signal reverse lights stop working or are super dim. I took apart the wires and cleaned them up made new connections and fastened under frame. I checked all fuses and circuit tested. I can not find what my issue is please if I have any suggestions I'm all hears. 


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    • By BigBlueBlazer
      Hey y’all, new to the forum and to chevys here (used to drive an 84 Jeep CJ) and bought my K5 a few days ago
      off the bat it came with a few problems the guy who sold it told us about, he said that the brake light bulbs would pop while driving, but we took it home (had someone drive behind us) and confirmed that we don’t have brake lights (the bulbs are not blown) or turn signals (front or back) and when we got home I confirmed that the backup lights and hazards (all four corners) do not come on either. And this didn’t happen when we first got it, but the morning after I found the interior light on and had to take the bulb out (wouldn’t turn off) in the fear of running out the battery
      however, the taillights and the dailys (I’ve heard those little yellow lights on the sides called that before but I don’t know if that’s the proper term) do come on when the headlights are turned on. 
      ive checked the fuses for the brakelights and turn signals and nothing seems to be wrong with them, so I’m assuming there must be something wrong in the steering column, but I’m at a loss of how to go about fixing the problem, and I’d love to get some advice before i go about taking the thing apart or having a shop look at it.
      anything is greatly appreciated, thanks!
    • By Bill Berndt
      I have a 2010 Tahoe LS 5.3, 6 speed automatic 4x4. I drove the vehicle 400 miles one day and shut it off and the next day the battery was dead I needed to replace it so I put in a new one. When I was installing the battery I noticed it seemed to have a current draw, the cable sparked when I connected it. I tried to start it and it wouldn't start. I ran the codes and it came up with 3 codes, p1682, U0102, U0109. I took it to a local shop and they replaced the ignition and lock cylinder and key and cleaned and replaced ground cables. They told me that they couldn't figure it out. So I hauled it to the nearest dealership. The dealership replaced ECM and the BCM and programed it to the vehicle. After they did that, there were no trouble codes and the vehicle will start and run but, none of the gauges work and various check engine, abs, air bag and tps lights are on. Door locks and windows don't work from the remote or with the switch. The dealership then told me that they couldn't do anything more with it. I told them just to take off all the new parts and I would take it elsewhere. They said they couldn't do that, because the ECM and BCM were programed to the VIN number of the vehicle. I paid the bill and hauled it home. I don't know what else to do with it. It runs good but I am apprehensive about driving it with no gauges. Anyone have any ideas? Any help would be great.
    • By Samuel Blackwell
      I have been trying to wire up a new stereo for my 2005 express, and I have already cut the factory harness (oops). The problem I have is that I cannot find out where the accessory wire is, and consequently the new unit will not shut off with the car because it's only wired to the 12v constant. I gave tried to use a multimeter to find the accesory wire by having the key in the on position and seeing which wire reads 12v, but the only wire I get a reading for is the 12v constant wire. Anybody know which wire is the accessory wire? Or whether there even is one?
    • By Robert67
      All wiring gone under 2006 2500HD Chev 8.1 to evap system. Need to know how to route it and where to connect on both ends.
    • By Lemon Truck
      I recently bought a 2000 GMC Sierra 2500 extended cab SLT 2wd with the 5.3L. I was very excited about this truck initially as I got it at a great price, but I am starting to become overwhelmed with all of its problems I recently discovered.
      The previous owner purchased this truck at an auction, and put a lot of new parts on it mechanically and cosmetically. There are a lot of mis-matched parts on this truck and I can tell it is somewhat of a "Frankenstein." One thing I noticed is that there are 4x4 buttons on the dash, even though this is a 2wd truck (no T-case). So obviously someone put a new dash on from a 4wd donor. Also, the plastic around the ignition cylinder looks like its been monkeyed with, so someone was probably fooling around near the steering column.
      When I test drove the truck, the only light on was "Service Engine Soon." However, when I brought my truck to get an OBDII scan at the parts store it returned 14 codes (some duplicates) which are as follows:
      B0017 - Passenger frontal deployment loop open
      B0024 - Driver deployment loop short to ground
      B0036 - Discriminating sensor open or short to voltage
      B0051 - Deployment commanded
      C0265 - EBCM relay circuit
      P0430 - Catalyst system - Low efficiency (Bank 2)
      P0440 - EVAP system
      P0449 - Evaporative canister vent solenoid control circuit
      But, NO lights are ever on the dash except the SES. Shouldn't the airbag or SRS light be on as well? On startup the only lights that come are the SES, nothing else. All the gauges work, although they bounce oddly when I shut off the truck. The voltage needle also twitches very slightly when I use the turn signal. Also, when I turn on the headlamps, the only thing lit up is the cluster. The radio, climate controls, and everything else is dark. And, when I cleared the codes with the ODBII scanner, the radio went off and reset itself to 1:00?!
      I have literally spent hours on end searching in vain for a definitive answer to this host of problems with only little success. I am guessing that the "B" codes mean that I need a new SDM? Perhaps this truck was in a wreck?
      P0430 might be because of a small exhaust leak this truck has, or possibly the cat is bad. P0440 and P0449 might mean I need a new EVAP solenoid or can?
      Please help me, it would be greatly appreciated. This truck means a lot to my little family as it is how we are getting across the country for my new job in Tallahassee. Any insights would be very welcome. Thank you all.
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