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It's October 2019 and rumors are swirling around a potential General Motors Electric Pickup, code named "Project O"


We just covered this news here: https://www.gm-trucks.com/your-first-electric-pickup-may-be-a-hummer/


We've created this forum as a place to discuss these future electric vehicles and the news around their development in the leadup to 2021. 

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Cool, nice, I love Electric... with a twist.  Ditch the doggone battery.  As long they come with one, I keep my Liquid Fuel vehicles.


Here is how to look at it....


Betteries are NOT Fuel Tanks, they are more like Compressed Air Tanks.  Imagine that you have a Compressed Air Tank driving an Air Motor, like an Air Drill.  Each time you open the valve to drive the motor, pressure is realeased.  The pressure never comes back up, eventually, you will have some pressure left but not enough power to move anything.


A Fuel Tank, does not matter, full or a dab, the motor still puts out the same power.


So... when electric vehicles pull the energy like Nikola Tesla wanted to do, wirelessly, sure, I will be the 1st one at the dealer.

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Yes and no - an EV is still going to put out max power while there is enough charge in the battery. Most (like my Leaf for example) build in redundancy systems to keep you going - basically you're never really at 100%, there is always a bit extra for when you get low. Some vehicles (like my Leaf and i3 for example) do have a "turtle" mode for when you get VERY low so that you can hopefully limp your way home. So in that scenario, you would see a loss of power, but it's only because it's built into the system. The solution is to keep enough juice in your EV like you do your gas vehicles. Charge times then become the issue, but those are getting much better too. 



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I’m tempted by the new Hummer EV, but I have a Silverado, a C7 corvette, and two Harleys. So I think I’m pretty well covered vehicle wise. And GM being A-holes when it comes to fixing design defects out of warranty makes me worry about an electric car I can’t fix myself


Look at the A8 transmission and Truck AC condensers for instance

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Well we just lived through a 2 week stretch of double minus celcius cold here in Western Canada.


It was common for Tesla drivers to be seen in snowmobile suits driving there cars. 


Better work on a better heating system Elon!

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