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 First time poster here....I've used many a fishing and hunting forums but never a truck forum....so please forgive my automotive ignorance

Had some trouble with my passenger side headlight last week (drivers side was fine).....it was on again/off again... hoped it was the bulb, replaced it...no luck. Headlight is still out.

Checked fuse #58 (3-pin)  HDLP RT/ LT   (full disclosure: NEVER saw a 3 pin blade fuse before) it was fine, however, it doesn't protect the headlamps it protects the high beams......which leads me to my next important bit of info...

I'm the third owner.......the original owner tricked out this truck with custom front lights, rear lights, LED bars, etc, etc..... ton of stuff, truck looks great, but I had nothing to do with it. If it was my boat I'd be all over it.

So I'm hoping one of you guys or gals can help me out.  Got a hold of the original owner.......he bought the headlamps (see pic) from DT Moto on eBay...they're halogen lamps ...that's all he remembers


On the way to work today the other headlight went out YIKES! ....up here in NH it's pretty damn dark at 5:30 am ....there are a total of 5 bulbs in each front light and the headlights are the only one out. 

So I'm hoping someone here might get me going in the right direction? Relay? where might I find that? 

Should  fuse #58 (engine compartment)  HDLP RT/ LT protect the high beams? Seems like it should be for the head lamps? 

I love the truck, it's my 2nd Sierra 1500, my first  one was very good to me.  I get a lot of compliments and questions.....most of which I have to reply to with , "Ummm, I don't know."  lol

ANY questions or comments please feel free.....




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Relays are in the black box to the right of the brake master cylinder. If you find the same relay in there  you can try swapping it around to see if they come on. Check your battery negative cable and make sure it is tight and not broken further down the line. If all that is ok check for voltage at the headlight connector.


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The drivers side problem was self inflicted.....I must have loosened the ground wire when doing a comparison (troubleshooting the passenger side).

Swapped same relays, no luck..

I was hoping someone here had installed these lights before? Got them from DT Moto....maybe the mods forum?

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