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2020 Order Status

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Hi to all and my first post and a current Corvette, Tahoe and just ordered a new 2020 2500HD High County to tow my car to car shows and had a question as my dealer put my order into GM this Tuesday and trying to get a general idea on how long it should take to see my truck and know the plant is closed for a little at thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and know idea on time and just wanted to see your guys status on timeframe when you ordered yours. Thanks and look forward to being on this site moving forward. Tom

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I ordered a 2020 Sierra HD August 13th and I still don't have a target production date as of yesterday.  I was only told it was "accepted by the system" this past Wednesday.  I'm not sure what that means. 

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Ordered a 6.2L Trail Boss on September 26th. The order was accepted in the system the following week, then the strike stopped everything.  This week it was updated to target build date week of December 30.  

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DOSP - Dealer Order Submission Process

The weekly process consists of 4 stages.

1. Constraints Distribution - Dealers are informed on constraints to review before placing orders.  (A Constraint is a limit placed on specific build configurations.)

2. Dealer Order Submission - Dealers can order on Thursday, Friday or no later than midnight on Saturday. (You can submit orders earlier but you don't know the constraints.)

3. The 4-Pass Process - GM will attempt to place each dealer’s orders on Mondays using a 4-Pass process. (At this point a dealer may get more or less than was allocated, if they asked.)

4. Dealer Review - You can review your placed orders for changes or replacements until Tuesday at 9pm ET. That's when the orders are sent to production control.




Order status codes:
1100 = Preliminary Order (Order passed GM edit tables but dealer has not received allocation to place order)
2000 = Accepted By GM (Dealer used allocation to place order into production)
2500 = Preferenced (Order pulled to the production system)
3000 = Accepted By Production Control (Order input into the production system)
3100 = Sequenced (Order sequenced for Production)
3300 = Scheduled For Production (Order is scheduled into the plant build cycle)
3400 = Broadcast (Order is sent to various build & supplier areas to bring order together)
3800 = Produced (Order is built and VIN# shows in the Dealer Order system now)
4150 = Invoiced (Order is invoiced to the dealer)
4200 = Shipped (Vehicle is shipped to the dealer or point of delivery)
5000 = Delivered To Dealer
6000 = Delivered To Customer

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36 minutes ago, duquephart said:


You might use the time to study sentence structure and punctuation.

Not perfect like you I guess, I made a typing error and would of been nice sending a post on my question rather than your comment....

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