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265/65/18 with 1.5" - 2" level

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Yes, I've searched and found some pics. But a lot of pics are from corners, or down the side.


I've already bought a new set of 265/65/18's for my 2016 CCSB Z71. Having them installed in about another 5,000 miles (around 45 days for me). Will be staying with the stock 18" Sierra wheels.


I'm looking for side view pics of stock size tires with a 1.5" - 2" level. I'm thinking that if I really like it, I'll get a Motofab kit and have it installed with the tires. I am not going above 2", and at this point I'm not spending the money for coilovers just for looks and driving on the street. I've done a lot of reading on coilovers, I understand the benefits, just not going to do it for now. I currently have a 3" rake measuring from center of wheel to bottom of wheel well.


I had actually decided on no lift, no level. But, I want to at least see some pics before I put the tires on.


Thanks in advance for anyone's input!

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19 hours ago, 14 Silvy said:

This is my 18 when I had a 2.5 level and stock 265/65/18. Second pic is stock wheels and tires on a 5" bracket lift with a 1 inch level and a add a leaf so around 6" of lift.096fc92b7e4295eb9c982aeeba65e883.jpg
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14 Silvy, was it a little nose high with the 2.5, or is that just the pic?

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20 hours ago, 14 Silvy said:


It’s just the pic it sat perfectly level. Pic was taken in a field and ground wasn’t level.

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That's what I thought, hope you don't mind the question. Truly level trucks frequently appear a little nose high to me in pictures.

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20 minutes ago, damnthetorpedoes said:

My advice would be to skip the leveling kit and go for leveling shocks like Bilstein 5100 if you are spending the $ on installation. The ride quality improvement would be worth the extra expense and you can pick how much height you want. 

I appreciate the advice, but as I said in the original post, I'm simply not going to spend the money I would spend to do coilovers because I would replace front and rear shocks/struts, might even consider a small (4") suspension lift. And honestly, I'm not convinced I would go with 5100's. A lot of people swear by them, but they appear to be the entry level coilover and some complain of them being too harsh.  If I decide to go that route, I'd probably spend more on better coilovers. There are a lot of options out there if you really look around.


I'm thinking that a leveling kit is an inexpensive way to see if I want to do anything at all, so I'm sticking strictly with that idea for now. And, there's a slim chance I'll trade trucks in the next year or so. So, I'm thinking I'll experiment on this one and then do more to the next one if I like the experiment.


Anyone else have any side shots? Thanks for yours, 14 Silvy!

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On 11/18/2019 at 6:53 PM, 15 Z71 said:

I have thought about the 5100s also but have heard they ride stiff like the stock Ranchos. 

From what I've read, they are stiffer than stock, but are more controlled and handle speed bumps and pot holes better. Rear end does better empty on 5100s. But, for more money, there are better options without going to a full suspension lift...from what I've read.

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67,000 miles on my 2014 Sierra with 2.5 level.  Absolutely ZERO issues....ball joints tight as new....perfect front end alignment.  I never thought, man I should put on $1200 worth of struts and shocks to make this thing ride better.   Running 33x11 tires mainly street with weekend dirt roads; lots of towing. I use but don't abuse my truck.

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