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2019 Silverado Trail boss Tonneau Cover


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I'm looking to get a soft roll up tonneau cover for my 2019 trail boss. I was at the dealer last night and they were telling me that since the 2019 trail boss has the auto open tailgate that you have to go with the GM version of the tonneau cover and that the other branded covers prevent you from utilizing the auto open feature. Does anyone know if this is the case. and if so has anyone ever had the GM tonneau cover? is it good quality?

I have always been an access guy but would still like to still be able to use the auto tailgate open feature. does anyone have any experience with this? does anyone have  the lorado access cover on their silverado and still able to use the auto open feature?

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Might be good advice to stick with the factory/dealer installed.

I bought an after market soft tri fold and my auto tailgate open won't work. In fact its even hard to open by hand.


I definitely wish I'd bought the factory cover from the dealer.

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I have the same type of roll up cover in my '19 that was in my '16. There is one difference in that the rear seal of the cover no longer rests upon the top of the closed tailgate, but the GM one has a seal that goes behind the closed gate sealing against the rear of the tailgate, i.e. seal is no longer resting on the top where it could "grab" and interfere with opening of closing.


If you can slide around a piece of paper between the top edge of the tailgate with the cover closed without grabbing, then there should be no interference using that cover with the electric gate operation.

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I bought a gator soft roll tonneau cover for $180. They are cheaper now. My tailgate work fine with it and it keeps my stuff dry in the bed. I have had it for about 6 months now and I have no complains.



I think my access tonneau sport (on the old truck) was slightly better quality, but those were $360 when I was buying and figured I try  the Gator and I am happy to report it did meet my expectation so far.

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+1 on the gator. I bought a soft trifold one a few weeks back and initially the tailgate didn’t go down by itself but after “helping” it out a few times it does open by itself now. Very happy with it, especially for the price and how fast/easy it is to take off when not needed.

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      Videos to follow of noise while commuting. 
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      So i finally pulled the trigger and installed a light bar on my 2019 Trailboss. I wanted a bumper mount, but refused to drill holes. SoAfter looking all over ZROADZ was the only mounting option i could find.
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      I wanted to post a bunch of images to show the install, but it only allows a few so here is a link to a google photos album.
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      I have a 2015 Sierra "Work truck" with manual tailgate key lock (no remote electronic opening or camera; plain latch).  The lock has worked great up until now.  (Normally, turning the key 1/4 turn to the left unlocks the tailgate by engaging the latch handle.)
      Now, I can turn the key just short of the unlock position (turns freely, like usual, not gritty or rusty or sticky), but then the lock binds.  Feels like something internally fell into the mechanism is preventing the lock cylinder from turning the last little bit.  Therefore, my latch handle will not engage to open the tailgate.
      Is this a known/common problem?  Fixes?
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