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Chevy Shake on 2019 Tahoe

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Hi All,


Realize there are a lot of threads on this but nothing recent that I can find and nothing on a 2019 model.


I have a 2019 Tahoe LT, purchased 08/18, that was a great truck until now. I took it to dealer in 09/19 for oil change/tire rotation at 6,200 miles and felt a vibration upon leaving. I was surprised they could change oil, rotate and balance 4 tires and do a multipoint inspection in 45 min. I thought ok, their balance machine is not right. Vibration turned violent within ~500 miles so I took it to a Firestone tire shop. 2 of the 4 were way out of balance and 2 others were out of balance but to a lesser extent. Did NOT solve shake. Took back to dealer 10/19 at 7,500 miles and complained of shake. They did road force balance and replaced 2 tires. Ran okay for ~700 miles then was back with a vengeance. Returned to dealer 11/19 8,500 miles with same complaint. Ended up doing road force balance again and 2 more new tires. Thing shook as a drove away.


Truck is at the dealer now and I'm dealing with service director who claims per the picoscopre, everything is fine and within spec. Running fine.


I'm going for a test drive with him tomorrow morning. Has anyone had this issue on a '19? Has anyone had any success getting this issue solved? I don't think I could even trade this thing in the way it shakes right now nor do I want to take a bath on it financially.


Has anyone gotten an aftermarket driveshaft? That seems to be a possible culprit although my dealer says mine is fine. New shocks? I'm at a total loss...

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On 12/13/2019 at 7:14 AM, rmc3407 said:

Has anyone gotten an aftermarket driveshaft? That seems to be a possible culprit although my dealer says mine is fine. New shocks? I'm at a total loss...

You had your current tires changed out and also RFB’d, a different tire manufacturer and RFB'ing might help since you didn’t notice a shake until after a 6200 mile service call.  Before guessing driveshaft and shocks, you may want to review some of the older fullsize SUV TSBs that address this shaking issue.  “Working within specs” is  GM dealer talking point cause a non-mechanic, first time driver is probably the only one that doesn’t know what a shake is.

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Are you sure it’s the tires? My 18 yesterday had developed a shudder in the trans when a light loaf is placed on accelerator. It feels like I’m am driver over rumble strips. From what I gather it’s the torque converter. I’ll be heading to the dealer soon

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I went to do a ride along w the service director on Saturday morning and when I arrived they said they would be replacing the torque converter and that is likely the issue. Didn't even do the ride along. Will report back in a few days......

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Picked it up today after new torque converter. I would say the shake is 90% eliminated. I'm tempted to now go get the tires road forced balanced at a tire shop and see if that gets me the rest of the way but also nervous to do anything further. This is so disappointing. 

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After the new torque converter I thought I was out of the woods. Now, upon very light acceleration from a stop I feel a shudder even at 10 mph up to about 30 mph. I'm at my wits end with this thing and the dealership. If I wasn't going to take a total bath on it, I would try to trade it in.

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