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Heavy Duty front spring package???

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Hi ya'll i am looking at buying a 2020 3500 HD, and the dealer has a off the lot truck I really like but it has the heavy duty front spring package on it, without the snow plow prep package. Does anyone have experience with this option? and will it make the front end ride like a stone boat? I cant take it for a test drive cause it is not at the dealership and I would like some feed back to exactly what this option does for the truck. Even the GM website has very little insight on this option.

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F60 - heavy duty front suspension raises the torsion bar and front GAWR to the next size up.  On the majority of 4wd diesels, heavy front and snow plow prep (VYU) are the same front suspension with raising front GAWR from 5600 to 6000 lbs.  On majority of 4wd gas, heavy front goes up one torsion bar whereas snow plow prep goes up two or three sizes.  On gas trucks, you do get a different front shock with more force in it.  Most 4wd gas with go from 4800 Front GAWR to 5200 with heavy front.


The ride hit is relatively small on both gas and diesel trucks with heavy front.  Most of the change is in your rolling isolation where the higher spring rate reads the road more.  



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I drove a loaded 2500 HD diesel without the heavy duty spring and then with it. It feels just slightly stiffer with it. The one without was a Denali. The one with was an AT4. Both fully loaded. Not sure if there are any other differences to suspension elsewise.

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I just need the part number so the dealer can order and install the upgraded torsion bar to raise the FGAWR from 5600 to 6000.

The F60 was supposed to be ordered on the truck but they missed it and have promised to fix it. I am not concerned with whether I can tell the difference in the ride, it is the roll factor with a camper in the bed that is of concern.


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I am well aware of the sticker issue. The camper weight is under the weight indicated on the sticker. I want the truck to be as I ordered it and for the money I spent on it, the dealer owe’s me that. Not to mention it took six months to get it. 
Again, just looking for the correct part number. Thanks 

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how about part numbers for the standard 3500 torsion bars?

I am looking at a 3500 and it has the camper package on it. don't necessarily need or want the increase capacity or stiffer ride


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Does the hd spring package make it sit higher in the front on a gas 2500? I may have made a mistake ordering them thinking it was for towing a camper and I’ve already got the dealer going to install a gm 2” level as well before I pickup the truck. 

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