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Mud guard destroyed front fender

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 I’ve got a factory 2019 1500 LTZ, with 20” rims and Goodyear’s. I turned into a parking lot with an incline to it the other day, at normal speed. I heard a rub.  Nothing major. At least that’s what I thought. My buddy opened the door, and there was a decent size pop sound. We got out and found the factory installed mud guard, had completely folded the fender back, to where it overlapped the door lip. This was on a dry day, with no snow buildup. Has this happened to anyone else on here? 




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You don't say how big your tires are over stock size or rims with a lot of off set. If you turned into the lot with oversized tire then the tire hit the flap and fender just right and did the damage when you hit the incline on an angle. From the picture it looks like your front tires are sticking out past the fender well lip from to much rim off set or your running hub spacers. 

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I agree looks like a hit from the bottom edge of the tire.  Or could be a ground hit if the tire profile reduces stock ground clearance.


I have the same OEM guards on mine with stock 22" OEM wheels and tires. Gone over crested sidewalks and elevated railroad tracks with angled ramps on both sides and never taken a ground hit. Even gone over 4" curbs with no interference.


Can't accurately judge body height and tire clearance from photo, but looks like mine is riding much higher off the ground.




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1 hour ago, 8716valver said:

Wtf. To confirm, this happened with the original wheels and tires?

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Yes. Factory 20” chrome LTZ wheels, and the 275/60R20 Goodyear Trailrunners, installed at the factory. 

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Wow that sucks because that is going to be an easy couple grand to fix imo. An Insurance claim will cost you 4 of those repairs with the increase on your premiums for the next 6 years. Hate to say it but i think this one is gonna come out of your pocket unless somehow someway the dealer sized your tires wrong or something, truly hope i'm wrong here. This is for sure the first of this kind of problem here that i have seen on this website.

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I'm prone to believe what he's saying. My 2019 4WD Denali has the same tires and rims. A couple weeks ago I climbed a 4" curb and crawled (slowly) through some relatively shallow ruts, as the front tire dropped off into a rut, it sounded like it tore something up but upon inspection I found no damage. Nevertheless, the front tire definitely made hard contact with something. In a true offroad situation this truck would be as useless as hen shit on a hoe handle. Thankfully that's not what I bought it for.

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