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Installing Power folding Mirrors

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When I owned Avalanches this mod was discussed at length. In order for plug and play operation, the motorized mirrors and mirror control switch(es) must come from a donor vehicle that already contains this option. I did it successfully direct swapping folding mirrors and control switch from my '07 with the folding ones in the non folding ones in the '13 at trade in time.


A simple installation with new mirrors and switch will not work because the mirror module needs dealer programming to recognize that the motorized mirrors are in the system.

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57 minutes ago, Flatblack83 said:

Wow, that whole setup is cheaper than I thought it would be.

Cheap? A minimum for $450 for the mirrors at an internet discount supplier or EBay, and another $200 for the switches and harness and $200 for the dealer programming.....so about $900 for a DIY unless you can scavenge decent ones from an auto junkyard.


And if the dealer programming doesn't take, he'll still charge for labor and blame the driver supplied mirror or switch.


Mine cost $0 and works in conjunction with the front window switches......just roll them down and while folding mine by hand yell : "Honey, fold in your mirror"

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Thru the years they changed something's for the better and the worse.  Like the 03-07 classic.  U just need the mirrors and the switch, all plugged in it works perfect...turn signals and all.


Like these truck with the dimming mirror, the wiring there...just plug the mirror in. Now what else is that way..?


If it's just 2 mirrors and the switch it's cheap in my mind... u bought a 40-50k dollar truck  so 6-700.00 isn't much if u like that feature..some don't. 


Keep in mind, this style truck not much is the same. We cannot compare other years...they changed lots of things.


Anyway, let's not tie this guys thread up with nonsense, I'd like to see the results.  If it works...then awesome,  if not then you know...

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Like I stated, you need more parts, and a dealer that knows what to do and most don’t. And it’s not their fault, for the 1-2 customers max they’ll ever get who want to do this, it’s not worth their or your time to figure it out. They can’t call tech line and ask them either.

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